KaAnchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 3

Hi guys I am back with another episode.. I am thrilled with ur beautiful comments and the love ur are giving me.. Thank u soo much.

Firstly a big shoutout to Hafi.. Thank u soo much for ur incredible ideas.. I loved them and will use them all.
Secondly,guys I have searched for Kabir’s surname and I can’t find it. If guys know than pls comment and If not than suggest a good name that I could use for him.. I really need it.. Pls put down ur suggested surnames.

Kabir takes saanchi without any delaying holding hand. Both of them come out as they become the centre of attraction of the media… Kabir takes a sigh and looks at Saanchi if she is ready to act..

Media: what is ur relation? Why do u have a affair with an intern? Is she trying to increase her chances?

Kabir:(holds saanchi’s hand) there is nothing like u all assuming. Its totally different…. And pls don’t make any wrong allegations or scandals.

Media: what about the photos? Why is she so close to u?

Kabir: we were supposed to tell it in the success party tomorrow but looks like u guys love cooking up stories and pasting a big fat self-made headline in the TV.. Than for ur kind information, Dr. Saanchi Agarwal is my fiance…

Everyone gets dumbfounded at the sudden announcement including Saanchi herself.. She looks at him shocked.. Kabir gives her a piercing glare signing she has to act normal and be happy…

Kabir:(pulls Saanchi closer by keeping on hand on her waist and smiles at her) yes, we are going to get married.. And I don’t see any problem if I stay close with my fiance.. Right saanchi?

Saanchi really hardly puts on a fake smile.. As Riya fumes from behind seeing their intimacy.

Media: when are u guys going to get married? How do we know u are not lying?

Kabir: we are not.. Be prepared to find our wedding card at ur doorstep by next month.

Another major shock from saanchi.. And kabir himself.. He also couldn’t justify the intensity of the words slipping from his mouth.

Anand: I hope all of u are happy now.. Dr. Kabir and Dr.Saanchi are an official couple.. So no more questions please.

Inside the hospital….

Anand: i know u guys brought this up now both of u handle it.. Do whatever u want but nothing should ruin the image of my hospital.. Act as a happy pair, get married.. Becuz if u both back down people would throw mud at our hospital reputation. Get that doctors?

Kaanchi: Yes,sir.

Saanchi walks with kabir to his cabin silently unable to utter any word after the incident.. Walking with him also makes her uncomfortable now..

Kabir: look whatever happened shouldn’t have happened and I can see a major part of it is my fault.. So if u blame me than I understand that.

Saanchi: no sir I don’t blame u.. I understand u said what needed to be said.. Infact thank u for saving my career sir..

Kabir: so, I guess u know what happens next.

Saanchi: We are going to get married next month.. Thats what will happen..(shrugs a bit)

Kabir: so, keep urself prepared to act as a happy couple in front of everyone.. We don’t need to pull off the same facade when we are alone.. And we need to make this relationship work in front of people.

Saanchi: I get that sir.. So, I had a question.. Since it all has happened, and we need to act all excited and a happy pair.. Can we be start being just friends? Just to accelerate the reality touch to the act.

Kabir: No.

Saanchi: okay.. I will take ur leave sir.

Kabir: saanchi, we don’t need to be just friends.. We could also be best friends u know.. So, I guess that will help.(smiles)

Saanchi:(happy) yes, sir.

Saanchi’s POV…

Saanchi: Thank u sir, for giving me chance to complete my internship and saving my image.. I really appreciate ur help.(gives him a hug)

I don’t know what came up to me.. As give him a hug.. What did I just do???before I could pull away I see him hugging back…

At that time Riya open the door and sees them… Both of them awkwardly pull apart..

Kabir: have u heard of knocking before u enter ur superior’s door.. Dr. Riya?

Riya: sorry dr.kabir.. I forgot u are engaged with someone now.. And u have to maintain privacy.. I will watch from next month..when u both get married.

She slams the door angrily at them and goes leaving them confused..

Kabir: what’s gotten into her?

Saanchi: u didn’t realise it all this time sir, i think she might.. U know.. Have something for u.

Kabir: I guessed it but I don’t want to accept thats true.. She liking me is sort of weird and creepy. But anyways, Dr. saanchi we have a operation tonight.. So go to ur dorm and rest..

Saanchi: yes,sir.. See u at OT.

She goes towards her dorm and enters the room.. She sees Isha and Pragya sitting in her bed..

Seeing her both the girls start coughing intentionally..

Isha: I always relied on crushes Pragya but here someone already announced her marriage.

Pragya: what to do when both the bride and groom are desperate?

Isha: achcha Saanchi, when are u guys going on a pre-marital date?

Saanchi: if u guys are trying to make me feel better than stop it.. Becuz u are making things worse.

Pragya: hey u should be happy u got the heart throb of girls to be only urs..

Saanchi: Its a set-up.. To save our careers. That’s it..

Isha: we don’t know anything.. We are just planning to have a lot fun in ur wedding. After all its my bff’s wedding.. I am little jealous of u but more than that I am really happy for u and Dr.kabir.

Saanchi: Its not a fun situation guys.. I wonder who sent that photo.. Why would anyone do that?

Pragya: I really praise the person who sent that photo.. May God bless him/her a lot on such a noble deed..

Saanchi: Pragya, that could have destroyed my career..

Isha: what can anyone do to u when u have doctor kabir to protect u..(does a high five with Pragya)

Pragya: Do we call him Jiju from now? Or should we call you Mrs. saanchi..(laughs)

Saanchi: I hate u both a lot..

Isha: we know.. We both love u a lot too..(grins)

Pragya: (looks at a tensed saanchi and signals Isha) Saanchi we know this hasn’t been the best situation but look at the bright side.. U are getting a life partner like doctor kabir. There is no doubt that u can never get a better person like him.. He is an excellent doctor and u are an ambitious one.

Isha: besides u both already like each other but u guys are too dumb to figure it.. And eventually u will confess and he will not treat u bad.

Saanchi: Its not that.. The thing is he doesn’t know that I am not Saanchi Agarwal.. And I don’t want him to stay with a person for the rest of his life who is concealing her identity. I need to tell him.. But how do I tell him.. I need help guys..

Isha: u know what? Take him to a romantic date.. And tell him with love.. Explain nicely and with romance..

Pragya: I will go with Isha.. Her plan sounds good.

Saanchi: Talking him out and explaining is a good idea but all this love and romance u both are adding is a bit too far fetched.

They give saanchi a “u are so boring” look.

Saanchi: I will ask him.. If he would like to go out so that we can get acquainted..

They both smirk and starts teasing again..

Isha: I can’t believe Saanchi going on a date.. Woow..

Pragya: looks like Kabir jiju brings out another side of her..

Saanchi: don’t call him that… And its not a date.Β  Its an outing.

Saanchi goes out and walks through the corridor.. At that time veer comes to her…

Veer: miss golgappa.. What is all this I am hearing? U and doctor kabir.

Saanchi: u heard what needed to be heard.. So guess there should be no problem for u to accept what has already been fixed.

Veer: why did u hide this from me? And u with doctor kabir? How long has this been going?

Saanchi: My life, my wish.. Now get away.. I have to go somewhere important.

Veer: I know.. U are going to ur precious Dr.Kabir.

Saanchi: Yes, I am going to my FIANCE(emphasises on the word).. And besides I don’t think u have the right to question where I go and what I do?

Saanchi leaves him aside and starts going.. Kabir sees them from the other corner and from inside gets really happy at Saanchi’s approach towards their newly formed relation.. Hope forms within him that maybe the idea wasn’t that bad.

Precap: Saanchi: I am not who u think.. I am not Saanchi Agarwal..(tells him everything). Kabir: u are still the same talented and amazing student and intern for me.. Thanks for telling me all this and retaining my trust… I will try my best to help u achieving ur goals.

Thanks for reading everyone.. Pls comment on about views..


  1. Preetha

    Omg what a episode…my god u r just awesome writer dude…keep going waiting for nxt update…plz make it fast…ur ff is making me crazyyyy…uuummmaaaa…😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    Amazing ff itne jaldi marriage announcement bhi ho gayi
    I think everyone like kanchi pair that’s why there are very ff for that with different story
    Pls Post next asap

  3. Dharshaini

    Amazing update… waiting for the promo part… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

  4. riya

    wow..u r amazing dear………now looking forward to the point when kabir is going to reveal about his past to sanchi and to why he isn’t using his surname… maybe kusum might be a single mother………this could strengthen the bond betwn them….btw eagerly waiting for ur next update……ur writing’s too good….

  5. Misbah4


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous episode😍😍 loved it Annie… I m really sorry.. I don’t know Kabir surname.. yeah if I know I would say.. add a surname in ur wish.. If u didn’t get it… And in d FF… Kabir s very understanding… He will be helping Sanchi to approach her goal… And Riya… I always wanted her to be jealous.. and hence I don’t like Riya… Pragya n Isha saying Kabir ‘jiju’… HahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ plz post soon my friend 😊

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot Misbah.. Ur comments are really empowering.. I know Kabir’s surname is not there. So I decided to use just his first name.. Glad u liked the scene.. And The riya getting jealous.. Next one posted..

  6. Kiran sharma

    Pls don’t name them kaanchi as it seems like kaancha in agneepath..………but I must say what an epi πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜keep going …all the very best

  7. Kasturi

    Wow what an episode annie😍 keep writing 😜 Sorry I was nt able to comment before as I was on a trip☺
    And i dont know kabir’s surname . Its nt revealed till now.

  8. Trisha139


    |Registered Member

    Very nice fabulous
    It was amazing dear
    I am new here and glad to find such ff
    Please do continue soon
    And I guess todays tv episode also showed kanchi 😍😍best pair
    Awesome update dear

  9. Kasturi

    Wow what an episode annie😍 Sorry dear I couldn’t comment before as i was on a trip☺ keep writing 😘

  10. Mishty

    Yayyyy! I really look forward to the Kabir Sanchi conversation part. I’m glad you are doing that! Thanks for no MUs. Would love to see a jealous kabir in coming parts though. πŸ˜‰ May be where he starts getting possessive about Sanchi, takes extra care of her and most importantly keeps her away from Veer πŸ˜‰
    I love this story. Keep going. update soon.

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thank u soo much for suggestion and comment..Glad u liked it..even I don’t like misunderstandings. I will surely try to follow the jealousy track And next one is posted

  11. Ayonija

    OMG!!! Jiju Good line haa pragya and isha the besties of Sanchi and the trio scenes are always amazing. Annie wjat a wonderful and shocking one it was. Today i want you give a big comment. So Miss Perfect writer u never leave any edge in ur ff’s that’s why i am ur big fan. Annie U know what the most amazing scene was when Kaanchi hugged and evil Ria saw this and fumed in anger😈. Loved that part. Bad people have bad punishment this statement is always true. Riya should now leave her bad deeds and fulfill her father’s dream of becoming a successfull doctor not like a ‘Gareebo ki model’. I want this in serial also. Always hacking the life of Sanchi whether she is with Veer or Kabeer. Ur precaps are always good becoz….It always seems to be nice. Like kabeer will not get angry with Samchi for the secret of Sanchi Aggarwal. And Kabeer surname…I can’t tell so clearly becoz its not tell in the serial till now….Hope u get it soon and post the next part soon. Post soon naa. Loads of love Annie😘

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thank u soo much for the comment.. I loved reading ur reviews and thank for taking the time to write it.. I tried my best to give those scenes perfectly and I am overjoyed u liked the concept.. Thanks a lot with all the love and compliments.. And “gareebo ki model”. Wow, its the perfect name for her..
      Totally loved reading ur comment amd also thanks for telling me about the loss of surname in the serial.. Next one is posted soo hope u enjoy it and thanks for the title u have given me. I am honoured that u saw me that way.

  12. Otakustuff


    |Registered Member

    Amazing! Really enjoyed reading it….this episode is my fav so far😍😍😍😍dying to read next chapter….when will be the wedding? I hopd the period of one month wont be dragged for too long…just get them married yaar!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Don’t worry.. Marriage is gonna come soon.. I am not going to make u all desperate.. And thanks a lot for the comment.. Glad u liked it.. Next one is posted..

      • Otakustuff


        |Registered Member

        Glad to know y have already decided the “shubh mahurat”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ for their wedding…as for the comments…u deserve it😘

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