Kaanchi: just an act?? By Annie Part 21

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Now,back to the episode…..

Saanchi and Kabir goes to their reserved area and Veer actually did a good job. He made a combination of blue and white atmosphere and chose a nice location in the top where they can see the sunset together…

Saanchi: This is so beautiful. Hmm, veer does have a sense of romantic environment. How cute!!! I will thank him tomorrow.

Kabir:(coughs) U came here with me right? U should thank me.

Saanchi: aww, my khadoos is jealous.. How cute (pulls his cheek). OMG!! U are harder than a rock. Couldn’t even pull ur cheeks properly.

Kabir: That’s becoz I go to gym. Anyways come on, lets sit at our table.

After having some light appetizer Saanchi finally asked our Hitler to propose.

Saanchi: Kabir, now I want my wish. Get on ur knees and propose.

Kabir: these are some weird things that I can never understand. Whatever I will do it.

Kabir gets on one of his knees and pulls out a ring. Saanchi smiles as he did remember her wish and brought a ring.

Kabir: (quarter-romantically) Saanchi, Be my love!!!

Saanchi: not accepted.(pouts by crossing her arms)

Kabir: hey, why not? I thought we already confessed.

Saanchi: I am said yes to ur confession but I am saying no to ur proposal. Like seriously, u were sounding as if u are ordering me instead of asking. Use the word “pls”.

Kabir: Ok.(gets into position again) Saanchi, pls Be my love..( semi-romantically)

Saanchi: still not done. U look like u are pleasing for a file of documents at the reception. Add some romance.

Kabir: I am not doing a film here. Let me say how I can…(sees Saanchi’s sad face and groans) Fine. Saanchi, I love u a lot. Would u be be my love?(romantically)

Saanchi: yes!!!(extends her hand)

Kabir puts on the rings and gets up rubbing some invisible dust off his jacket

Saanchi: see!!! U could do it. U can be romantic too.

The sun starts to set. Both of them see it together holding hands. The vibrant reddish-orange color with the golden rays is awesome. A cool breeze blows making is a perfect environment.

Saanchi: It looks so beautiful right?

Kabir: yes, becoz u are here with me. Anything is beautiful to me when I am with you.

Kabir lightly kisses the upper part of her hand. Both of them lean closer. Their lips are a little apart. Suddenly, they hear a bell and moves away seeing the waiter coming in to the collect the plates.

Waiter: Am I allowed to clean all this now, sir?

Kabir:(in mind: Stupid waiter. Didn’t get any other time to come. Totally ruined the moment) Yes, we are done.

Saanchi: (blushes and sheepishly runs the back of her neck) We should probably head back. Its getting dark and we have work tomorrow. Malhotra is gone but the hospital is still running. Plus since The Malhotra’s also contributed to the hospital according to my dad’s will which we found from the restricted area says they are still 35% share holders.

Both of them start going back… Kabir drives as it starts to rain. A lot like their first date…

Saanchi: Hey, can we get out in the rain? Pls pls pls.

Kabir: saanchi, we are passing through a road which are surrounded by trees and creepers. U don’t want a snake bite do you? I will take u out in the rain sometimes else.

Saanchi: fine!

They reach their home. The gap between the garage and the door made them partially drenched. They went to the room and changed. Saanchi tossed some clothes towards him and he went to change first. After him, saanchi went inside. When she came out kabir was scribbling something on the paper. He instantly stopped seeing her and hid it behind.

Saanchi: what are u hiding from me?

Kabir: nothing.. Just a little case study I was doing

Saanchi: fine than. I wanna see which case u need to hide from me.

Kabir: I can’t show it to u right now!!!

Saanchi ran towards him as he started to pick a pace and moved away from her. Both of them had a little tom and jerry catch session but finally it came to a stop. Both of them stumbled and fell on the bed. Kabir fell on top of saanchi. She grabbed that chit from him and saw a blank Paper…

Kabir: Its my playback time. U pranked me in the office. This time I caught you.

Saanchi: fine. U win this time.

They looks at each other lovingly for sometime. Kabir tucks a lock of saanchi’s hair behind her ears. Both of them move closer. Their lips just brush a little and a knock again kills the moment. Kabir quickly gets up and Saanchi opens the door. They see a happy kusum with some sort of luggage.

Kusum: Saanchi, I need u for sometime. I did a tons of shopping for my friends and pls help me pack them up.

Saanchi looks at kabir who again has a disappointed look all over his face. Kusum sees it..

Kusum: unless u have some other plans.. Don’t worry I can manage.

Saanchi: of course not. Come on. We will pack all the gifts together. Lets have a girls night tonight. Okay ma?

Kusum: great!!!

Kabir pouts at them leaving and decides to shift to bed…

Kabir: she went to celebrate a girls night with mom leaving me alone… How unfair!!!

After some hours Saanchi comes to their room only to find kabir had already fallen asleep. She puts the blankets over him and ruffles his hair. She places a kiss on his forehead and goes to bed. She moves near his chest and goes to sleep hugging him.

Next morning…. Sun rays fall on Kabir’s face first. He rubs his eyes and gets sees Saanchi sleeping rested her head over his shoulders. He slightly smiles at her. Saanchi also flutters her eyes open and sees kabir.

Saanchi: good morning!!!

Kabir: how was ur girl’s night? (Pretends to get angry) u must have felt awesome since I was not there and u were having fun.

Saanchi: how sweet. U actually missed me!!!

Kabir: of course not. I suggest u should do this everyday. Sometimes invite ur friends too. So that all of u can do a ladies party and I will die alone.

Saanchi: Don’t ever talk about dying.. Btw, calling Isha and Pragya for a party is not a bad idea. I will tell them.

Saanchi smirks and gets up. She gets pulled down into the bed again…

Kabir: i was being sarcastic when I said u to call them..

Saanchi: I was joking too!!! Now, come on and get up.. We need to go to work.

Kabir: Don’t I get my good morning kiss? I thought I should since I took u to such a great date yesterday.

Saanchi gave a peck on his cheeks..

Saanchi: now, get up!!! Ur patients are waiting for you. How can anyone’s day pass without seeing their khadoos senior’s face?

Saying this she runs as fast as her legs could carry her and goes at the breakfast table. Kusum was still asleep today due to medications. Both of them leave for the hospital. Its a new day, new rules. Anand Malhotra rule is over…

When kaanchi enters together in the hospital confetti falls over them. Veer comes with the gang…

Veer: thank you so much for saving us from the clutches of my evil father. I don’t consider him my father though. Anyways, did u enjoy the date? Must have been really romantic since I arranged it..(saying as loudly as he can. Practically yelling)

The whole hospital mumbles date? Even the patients are a little astonished that Dr. Kabir can also go on a romantic date.

Veer: where are my credits and gratitude?

Kabir: of course ur credit. Clean this glitters up and 5 hours at the record room.

Saanchi: Dr.kabir’s decision is overruled by me.

Veer: Thank u miss golgappa. U are still a true friend.

Saanchi: ur penalty is clean this up, 5 hours in the record room. Plus, 3 hours at the day care.

Veer: u both were never my true friends. Torturers (pretends to cry)

Everyone rolls their eyes and Veer stops faking…

Timeskip to night….

Its raining again..(I don’t if it rains frequently in India like this, but I have heard it rains a lot. So,just a wild guess. Sorry if it’s wrong)
Just as Kabir promised Saanchi got to go in the rain but only for 10 minutes. Saanchi after dresing up sits near the window and watches the rain. She picks up her headphones and plays a song.
Suddenly she feels arms wrapping around her waist. The hand disconnects the headphone’s wire from the phone and the songs starts to play loud.

Precap: leap of 5.6 years!!!!

I wanted to show more this episode but I think this was enough for today. We will see more romance next episode… Love u all and so sorry for the wait..?

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  1. What a nice story yaar.just amazing yaar.please next update soon.i can’t wait for next?????????

  2. Abhilasha

    Amazing… Fabulous… I m lacking words in ur praise…. But it was really heart winning…. And leap!!!….. But before that plz show some kanchi moments!!
    Luv uh loads!!!!…. Update soon!!!

  3. awww
    its soooo gud
    waiting for next epi nd more romance

  4. As usual u nailed it killed it and amazing superb I really missed u and luv u

  5. Niyaaa

    Yaa plzzzz show some kanchi scene without any disturbance hehehehe n dear i enjoyed the epi full special kabir starts romance with sanchi n spoiled everytime pity on kabir oooh lov u a lot fast nxt update

  6. As uasual u r amz annie n sorry for not commenting actually i m busy in studies n other lots of work hope u understand epi is amaz dont think we dont like it if we cant comment sometimes time n situation r not under controlled sooooooo update regularly n sooooon too

  7. Nice ff…. Waiting for next one….

  8. It is amazing as usual Annie ur amazing bt plzz post nxt episode asap.

  9. Nice one…I loved it

  10. Negisanyukta

    Awesome as usual.I loved it to the core.???Kabeer bhaiya seriously u don’t know how to propose a girl.U don’t deserve to be my brother as i want my elder brother as the most flirtious guy.????
    But finally u proposed my lovely bhabhi,so i forgive u.???
    Just toooooo romantic,after these kind of romantic episodes,can i expect a anaar.I hope u remember anaar haan.????
    Veer u were too gud.
    And ya u guessed totally right,outside there is raining heavily.
    Keep writing dear.Love u ???

  11. Trisha139

    Fabulous anieee this is just awesome I have no words to tell u how beautiful was this ! Pls continue soon !

  12. Moonlight25

    Annie…you name is cute like you…..i laughed whole Heartly through the episode….OMG Kabir by saying “be my love” it’s like he is giving order to her be my love or else I will kill you. It was so hilarious…the episode was breath taking, marvelous,mode blowing, excellent…and so are you…actually I don’t know Hindi as well…i study in American school so I am not familiar with Hindi…well I am learning…before taking a leap plz shoe some Kanchi scenes… but the leap is of 6 years that’s a lot…i thought it would be on my 1 or 2 years but 6 years it’s Immense..by that time they will have a cute daughter or son..am so eagerly waiting to see Kabir’s father side…so plz post your next part soon…whenever you can…hugs and kisses from my side!???

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  15. Aashima Bajaj (Aashi)

    Hii Annie.It is really amazing as usual.I am writing on your ff for the first time.The reason for not commenting to any of the ff’s is same as that of kriyaagarwal…studies and other work.hope u are not angry.just a request. .if you can add a brief recap of previous episode before a starting the episode.eagerly waiting for your next episode please update asap.bye.lots of love

  16. Aashima Bajaj (Aashi)

    Hii Annie.It is really amazing as usual.I am writing on your ff for the first time.The reason for not commenting to any of the ff’s is same as that of kriyaagarwal…studies and other work.hope u are not angry.just a request. .if you can add a brief recap of previous episode before a starting the episode.eagerly waiting for your next episode please update asap.bye.lots of love

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    i love it yaar. i really miss your ff
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    Hi Annie…. It was awesome..I really loved it go crore…?? From 6 days.. I was waiting for ur ff… But yesterday I missed it because of HW…. Sorry for that… And ya.. nowadays in India it’s raining alot.. but that too in the time of serials?… So I m missing to watch SDC&H from last two days.. as if it s raining our TV shows NO SIGNAl and that too because of Antenna… Because it’s a dish TV… And. Ha…. I m really waiting for leap…. I want to see kaanchi’s princess or prince….and that too I m really sad? that u will end this ff after 4 or 5 episode..I will surely miss it? and btw…. Take care….? And study well for ur Pre-Sat exam…… Bubbbbyeeeeee..????

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