KaAnchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 2


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Anyways back to the story….

Riya’s friend runs to Riya… As she sees her gawking at doctor Kabir’s cabin..

Friend: Riya.. I have a huge thing to show you.. You won’t believe this.

Riya: stop annoying me.. I am searching ways to entice Dr.Kabir.

Friend: He slipped from ur hand a long time ago.. Look at this..(shows the picture)

Riya:(fumes in anger) how dare she? I will ruin her..

Friend: u can do it.. But u just need the guts..

Riya: what should I do to keep that Saanchi away from him?

Friend: Destroy saanchi’s image so badly.. That she has to leave the hospital.

Riya looks at the picture and gives a evil grin.

Inside the cabin..

Saanchi is working alone.. Dr. Kabir has gone to some surgery.. She was done with the file arrangements she was asked to.. She got up and started a through introspection at his cabin.. At that time a picture caught her eye..

Saanchi: This picture.. Is it of a girl..(she lifted the paper).. Who is she? Is she related to Dr. kabir? Is he in a relationship? Ugh.. Why are so many questions coming up in my mind? Forget it saanchi.. His personal life is none my business.

Saanchi’s POV…

I have to get rid of these weird temptations building within me.. But Dr. Kabir always acts impassive.. Can He really have a girlfriend.. She shifts her eyes to the window and sees Riya talking to kabir.

Riya: Dr. Kabir why am I getting Saanchi’s shifts? Can’t I also assist u in high profiled cases?

Kabir: i have asked Dr. Saanchi to assist me in all works to enhance her experience since she is the head intern.

Riya: but I want to gain skill too.. Why only her?

Kabir: u will get the chance the day u raise up ur grades..

In the cabin with saanchi..

Riya leaves to stone unturned to get close to Dr.kabir. why can’t just concentrate on her duties? I always notice her clinging around him.

Kabir enters the cabin… And looks at saanchi in the deep thought near his desk.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi, are u done with those reports I gave u to set up?

Saanchi: (coming back to senses) yes sir.. I did.

Kabir: That was quick… Very good.

Kabir takes a seat and works on his laptop as Saanchi keeps staring at him. Kabir looks up and finds saanchi looking at him.. Kabir plays with his pen and notices saanchi for a while.. As an unknown smile creeps on his face.. Saanchi still as engrossed in her deep thoughts.

Kabir: do u need something?

Saanchi:(quickly) do u have a girlfriend, sir?

Saanchi bites her tongue as she realises a wrong sentence just slipped from her.. She trembles in fear and sees Kabir looking at her. She couldn’t differentiate from his emotionless face if he is angry or pissed off or anything.

Kabir: what did u just ask me?

Saanchi: nothing.. I was babbling my topics for tomorrow’s test.

Kabir: you don’t have any test tomorrow.

Saanchi: oh, my bad.. Sorry. I need to check on the Asthma patient

Kabir: let me answer ur question first Saanchi.. I don’t have any girlfriend.

Saanchi: that was not meant for u sir.. I was thinking about a films dialogue.

Kabir: but I am engaged though..

What he is engaged? So that girl was his fiance..

Saanchi: is she your fiance?(holds up the pic)

Kabir: No.. She isn’t.. I don’t even know her.. But I will show u whom I am engaged to.

Kabir looks through his drawer and holds up his medical certificate.

Kabir: I am engaged to this.. My work..

Saanchi looks at him with disbelief as she couldn’t believe he was joking. Soon kabir bursts into laugh.. Leaving saanchi astounded that even the doctor Kabir has emotions..

Kabir:(giggling) u can laugh doctor.. It was meant to be a joke..

Saanchi laughs with him to as they both relish the moment.

Woow, Dr.kabir is a human. The smile suits him soo much.. And he looks better. He should smile more often.

Kabir: by the way Saanchi.. I didn’t ask where u got that picture from?

Saanchi: From ur desk sir.. Some parts were visible.. And out of curiosity I picked it up.. Sorry for touching ur skills without ur permission.

Kabir: I would have punished u for this but since we have to perform a critical operation tonight.. I am sparing u from exhaustion. But I don’t want to see all these again..

Saanchi:(in mind: Dr. Khadoos doesn’t need a second to get all serious and impassive again) yes, sir. I will keep that in mind.

Suddenly Kabir gets a call..

Anand: Kabir, come to my office now.. See what’s in the news.. And bring Dr. Saanchi with u.

Both of them each Anand Malhotra’s cabin and watch the news.. Their eyes widen at the apparent absurdity of the head lines..

“Intern dates a senior doctor to buff up her career chances”

Anand: what the hell are they showing? And that picture… What’s going on between u two?

Saanchi: This is wrong sir.. They are posting made up stories.. This picture is photoshopped..

Kabir: It isn’t Photoshopped. It was took when u saved me from falling off the stairs as I stumbled yesterday.

Anand: I don’t care what it is but u both have to fix this. It will ruin the hospital reputation.

Kabir goes to the hospital entrance and sees a huge gathering of media and press..

Thousands of questions were heard.. He looked back at an whimpering saanchi..

Media: Is it true she is dating u? What’s ur relationship with a intern? Dating in a hospital is disgrace..

Kabir wanted to stop all these.. Not for himself.. But also for the girl whom he considered to be the future of the hospital.. A girl whom he admired due to her exceptional talent and undying devotion.. He couldn’t just let some wrong allegation destroy her perfect career.. He also has to rub off the scandal against him.

Kabir: Saanchi, i am going to say something and please play along. Its for both of us.(leans and whispers)

Saanchi: what are u going to do sir?

Kabir: do u want to stay here or not? Or do u want to be kicked out by the authority?

Saanchi: sorry.. I will do what u say..

Kabir: now hold my hand and come outside with me. Don’t act sad or confused..

Saanchi: hold ur hand.??.

Kabir doesn’t give a warning and pulls Saanchi out with him..

Precap: Kabir: (pulls Saanchi closer to him) we were supposed to say this at the party tomorrow but since u all like to cook up stories soo much than listen.. Dr. Saanchi Agarwal is my fiance.. I am engaged to her.
Saanchi looks on shocked.

Yaay!! Another epi successfully done.. I have read all of ur sweet comments.. I will try again and see if I can reply.. And yes special shout out to Anamika.. Thanks for coming forward and commenting yesterday. I am glad to know u liked it..

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