Kaanchi: just an act?? By Annie Part 14

Hi guys… So sorry for being missing. I was at camp for 2 days. Its a part of the heads-up summer camp for class 2020. Now,questions…as u all wanted twists I am thinking to do a Malhotra reveal track or u might call it as the last track of the story. Do u want me to do the confession before or after the track? Pls answer the question.

Now,back to the story ladies and gentlemen…

2 days after the whole Goa incident. Saanchi is better now and can resume her duties from tomorrow. This time Kabir was generous enough to give her full 3 days of leave. But, Kabir is annoyed with Saanchi since she took hasty steps without asking his opinion. Its morning. From tomorrow saanchi will resume her work. Kabir gets up and sees that saanchi is not there. He gets up and starts to prepare for the day. After taking his shower and wearing clothes he comes out in the dining area and sees his mom and saanchi gossiping.

Kabir: mom, did u get my laptop placed in the its place?

Kusum: oh sorry. I was talking with saanchi and I forgot. I will do it now.

Saanchi: I already kept it.

Kusum: see, my bahu is smart. She is fast in every work.(praises Saanchi)

Kabir: looks like after getting a bahu u are forgetting that u had a son.

Saanchi: ma spent all this years with a boring.. I mean busy person like you. Now, she got to spend time with someone she can have good time with.

Kabir: oh really.. She is my mom and than ur mother-in-law. So, she likes me more. Mom are u in my side or hers.

Kusum: beta, u are my everything but What saanchi said was right too.. U are sort of boring..

Saanchi smirks and does a high five with Kusum. Suddenly Saanchi remembers she had to pacify him. She mentally scolds herself to get into his bad side already in the morning.

Saanchi: no ma.. Kabir is still ur son. So even if we like each other he still has more right on u. (Laughs nervously)

Kabir:(in mind: now she remembered I am still annoyed with her) no need to change sides. Lets have our breakfast.

All of them sit down as Saanchi serves everyone. She especially asks for Kabir’s choices.

Saanchi: Kabir, do u want the pasta? Wait, let me give u.

Kabir: why are u being so caring today? Serving me again and again. And I have hands.

Saanchi: no its my duty so serve you.

Kabir:(whispers) all these tricks aren’t going to work. Just get back to ur normal self.

Kusum: How do u like the breakfast today?

Kabir: Its different I noticed. But the taste’s good. I think I should praise the chef

Kusum: today the chef didn’t prepare it. Saanchi did.

Kabir:(in mind: shit, I praised saanchi by mistake) didn’t know that u have cooking skills…

Saanchi grins. Kabir hugs Kusum and starts to go.

Kusum: Kabir, won’t say anything to her. She is your wife. At least give her a good bye hug.(saanchi chokes on her water) don’t need to be shy in front of me.

Kabir rolls his eyes and hugs Saanchi…

Kabir: ur mission is still incomplete. Just wait to see how I punish u tomorrow. Clean my office maybe.

He leaves leaving saanchi in great thought what to do next..

At noon…

Saanchi: mom, do u have any work for me? I have finished all the hospital work for tomorrow.

Kusum: no but do u want to take a look at the attic? We could also arrange things a bit.

Saanchi:(in mind: there must some clue in the attic which will help me persuade kabir back) of course.. Lets go, ma.

Both of them go up and starts looking. Saanchi looks at Kabir’s photos. His childhood memories. She sees a very different kabir than she expected. A cheerful, friendly and happy boy. She sees his friends circle photo, fun at field trips and a photo with a sniper gun.

Saanchi: ma, did Kabir take  shooting training?

Author’s note: Guys I know the shooting part is a little retarded.. But, I am doing long range sniper training and its woow. Its a part of sports here and it feels really good. Here we are supposed to hit targets from a long range using a gun with rubber bullets.

Kusum: yes he loved sharp shooting.
He used practise it everyday with his dad. But unfortunately, fate stroke my little boy hard. When his dad abandoned us, he grew a hatred to all things related to his father. Even his favourite hobby of shooting. His threw away his awards of targets and sports.

Saanchi: oh.. He looks so happy before his senior year at high school. He is still a charmer at hospital but he looks really comfortable with his friends in the photos unlike now.

Kusum: he was in his mid 12th grade when his father left us. After than he developed a habit of hating everyone. Keeping everyone away, acting tough to cover up his pains. He lost his bubbly and fun loving nature.

Saanchi:(holding a rusted rifle) that’s his gun?

Kusum: yes. After all these years it still works. But this one doesn’t have lead bullets. Its rubber to avoid casualties.

Saanchi: ma, u are really strong to raise him up alone.

Kusum: Saanchi I believe u can bring my happy kabir back.

Saanchi: me.. No. I can’t do that.

Kusum: I have seen him happy, and with a tendency of fun when he is around u. He treats u not only like his wife but his best friend. He loves arguing with u with small matters. I know u can do that.. Will u try?

Saanchi: (holds her hand in reassurance) of course, ma. I will try. But I don’t know if I will succeed. He is already annoyed with me for hurting myself.

Kusum: already proves how much he cares about u.. How sweet!!!

Time skip to Kabir coming home..

He sees Saanchi in the garden with a dart board and his gun. She hits the board and the bullet doesn’t even hit anywhere near the board.

Kabir: Saanchi, what are u doing with this gun? Put it back where u found it or dispose it. This shouldn’t be in my sight.

Saanchi: I found this at the attic and its amazing. Since I was bored I thought to practise target.

Kabir: Practise? Ur shots are like a blind person’s hit. Its didn’t even reach near the board.

Saanchi: U are telling as if u are the world champion?

Kabir: i sort of am a champion.

Saanchi: want to try and show.

Kabir: (snatches the gun) I am already on it.

Kabir focuses as he is doing it after a long time. Saanchi gives a thumbs up to Kusum who watches them smiling from the window. After catching all the distance and calculation a correct proportion. He shoots. Its hits right on the centre. Kabir looks at Saanchi with a boastful look.

Saanchi: will u teach me.. Pls pls pls.

Kabir: No.. (After thinking) actually maybe I should. Since always act as mother India I think u might put a skill instead of fighting with branches.

Saanchi: i didn’t have a weapon that time.

Kabir and stand behind saanchi pressing his chest against her back. Saanchi holds the gun and kabir puts his hand on top of hers. He keeps his chin on saanchi’s shoulders and she feels his touch.

Kabir: now, look at the aim and than through the scope with one eye and put ur fingers on the trigger. Look at the red laser. It should be 0.3 mm up from the real target and 0.5 mm to left. So,that when u shoot the bullet reaches the point and doesn’t shift due to the air pressure. That’s a trick. Pointing the laser exactly at the target will make it shift a little.

Saanchi: how am I supposed to calculate such small measurements?

Kabir: like u calculate when u operate a person..

Both of them shoot and hits the target. Saanchi gets happy and looks at kabir. He smiles at her and he could feel a sudden urge rushing through him to get close to her. He doesn’t let his desires take over and instantly moves away..

Kabir: now, put this gun back and now I never want to see u with it again..

Saanchi gets sad.. And again the avoid session goes on…

Saanchi: how was ur day today?

Kabir: I am busy now. So disturb me later.

Saanchi gets sad and shifts to her side of the bed with a unhappy face. Kabir feels bad.

Timeskip to the morning… Kabir and Saanchi gets ready and leaves together. Saanchi looks at kabir while he drives anticipating a word from him.

Saanchi: why are u avoiding me and ignoring what I say?

Kabir: can’t talk I am driving.

Saanchi pouts and crosses her arms. She desperately thinks of an idea to calm him. She finally hits a plan. She sneaks within Kabir’s office as he was in a meeting. She can feel fooststeps. Kabir comes in and sees Saanchi doing something.

Kabir: saanchi?

Saanchi instantly takes both of her hands behind as if she is hiding something.

Saanchi: weren’t u at a meeting? Did it end?(nervously)

Kabir:yes, but what’s that behind ur hand?

Saanchi: my hand. There is nothing..

Kabir: don’t lie.. Show it to me.

Saanchi doesn’t show and kabir comes close to her. He wraps her hand around her and tries to snatch whatever she is holding.. Suddenly veer comes inside…

Veer:Dr.Kabir the files.. Woow.(looks with great interest)

He comes inside and sees Kaanchi in an intimate position. He smirks from the door and looks at them.

Kabir: Dr. Veer have some shame, close the door and get out before I decide to give u punishments.

Kabir shouts at veer still trying to get something from saanchi’s hand.

Veer: yes.. Dr.Kabir. sorry I disturbed u during ur private time.. Enjoy ur romantic time.. Hap…(can’t complete as kabir shouts at him)

Kabir: veer get out of here.

Veer quickly closes the door.. And Kabir Finally gets a hold if Saanchi’s hand.

Saanchi: wait, I will show u.(shows her empty palm) there was nothing at all. Since u were avoiding me and I had to something I acted. I know u will get curious and put some attention on and So, I did this.

Kabir:(his anger melts at her puppy eyes) fine. I forgive u only this time. From next, take my help or ask me as before u transform into mother India. It’s my right as a friend.

Saanchi: promise.

Precap: why are girls always getting locked. Lets spice up things and get Kabir trapped this time and Saanchi as the saviour. Kabir gets a hint about Malhotra’s plan.

Thats all readers.. Thanks a lot for reading and pls put a comment. Love u all so much.

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  1. Swetatitli

    Wow it was really so interesting. Love ur ideas. Really u r such an awesome writer ?????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sweta.. Your sweet words mean a lot..?

  2. Richa1496

    Nice one dear…. You are great writer annie…. and one day definitely you will become world famous author?…… ff was mind blowing ??…. Hope you enjoyed your camp…I am very happy ☺️after reading your ff…. You are awsm… You are superb Annie… I am not getting enough words… Speechless.. ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Aww, thanks a lot Richa.. U are one of the sweetest persons I know. Ur comments work like power booster. Camp was fun but climbing hills and trekking was a bit tiring.. But its fun. I will be going next month again.. And yes u are also a stupendous person..

  3. U killed it yaar

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Ashnita..?

  4. Abhilasha

    It was fantastic!!!!……. Love their arguments and romance an their bond…. Also kusum and sanchi’s bondbond…… Excited for next part as precap is just can’t wait!!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Abhilasha.. So happy u liked it.. Next update will be tomorrow..?? love ur comments..

  5. Its awesome yaar I know u r an amazing writer so u can add the things which u want BT pls take care of kanchi they don’t get hurt …

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot prema.. It means a lot.. Don’t worry nothing will happen to our sizzling pair..

  6. Superb episode dear . confession should be before the track?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Neera for ur sweet comment and voting..??

  7. No issues Annie… No need to apologize. We understand you… By the way, how was the camp???. I really missed your update yesterday. No need to comment, asusual superb update friend ???…. Will be waiting for the next update soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Shazeema u are so sweet and considerate.. A big hug from my side.. Camp as amazing.. I rode horses, climbed hills, and yes did sharp shooting practise..thanks a lot for being so sweet.. Next update will be tomorrow..

  8. It was really interesting lovely

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Aww, thanks a lot Richa.. U are one of the sweetest persons I know. Ur comments work like power booster. Camp was fun but climbing hills and trekking was a bit tiring.. But its fun. I will be going next month again.. And yes u are also a stupendous person..

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Divya.. Glad that u liked it..?

  9. Mishty

    Nice update. Post soon.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Mishty.. Next post will be tomorrow..

  10. It’s suprb Annie.
    Ur wait was good.
    Loved it.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Really happy that u liked it..?

  11. Trisha139

    It was very nice annie sply that angry kabeer on veer …ur always perfect keep writing dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Trisha.. Ur stories are like power boosters and ur comment are empowering.. Glad that u liked it..

  12. Annie it was really good and somewhere i really wished dat u had written the script for sdhc den atleast we wud have got to see kabir’s scene a bit more. Ur updates r our only hope nowadays. Serial to i hv quit. Cnt see saanchi falling on dat stupid act of veer. I mean how can someone be so childish. N it doesn’t at all seems like a medical drama anymore. Previous medical series like dil mil gaye i think were much better

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. Ur comments are always really encouraging.. Coming back to the serial, I can’t express my frustration in words. I read the updates everyday hoping for kaanchi but each the its gets a lot worse.. I love Varun.he is cute but they are also destroying his character..they are destroying everything. But kaanchi has to be on the top. Kabir barely has a scene.I am seriously pissed.. But let’s just hope for the best..

  13. Super cute Annie:-)

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Really glad that u liked it..??

  14. It’s was awesome. Very entertaining. ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Really glad that u liked it..??

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    U r an amazing writer Annie and u r also very Creative I love how kabir is also good in archery/shooting nothing retarded about that and precap hehe so true why girls r always getting trapped ???? time for a guy to get trapped ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot for being soo sweet.. And glad u liked it.. Also I appreciate the support.. A big hug from my side.. Yep, lets get the boys get trapped this time..???

  16. Amnaa

    Loved Saanhci and Kusum’s bonding. The whole episode was amazing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aamna.. Glad that u liked it..?

  17. annie as usual you rock it
    it was fully of masti and romance.
    i enjoyed it. especially the twist you mentioned it .It seems to be cool
    waiting for upcoming

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sundari.. Means a lot that u liked it.. I will start typing the next one soon..

  18. Awesome as usual.I just loved it.????

    Kabeer u just rocked today,afterall u r my brother na but stop avoiding Saanchi bhabhi.She have to do all these for ur attention.????
    Love saas bahu jodi of Kusum s Saanchi.??Kabeer as champion of sharp shooting ,love to see his this avtaar in sdch.

    Ur ff is just awesome and ur writing skills made it amazing.This ff is my favourite ff and u r my favourite author.wish to have more Kaanchi scenes in sdch in place of Sanveer scenes.????
    And ya, i want confession before track bcoz its awesome to read how Kabeer and Saanchi come together to reveal Malhotra’s truth in front of everyone.???
    I’m busy bcoz i am gonna read ur os,and comment there.Keep writing dear.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Hi.. Sanyukta.. I love reading ur beautiful analysis everyday..glad that u liked our bhai and bhabi’s connection.. Ur compliments mean a lot Sanyukta.. Thank u soo much. Same Serial only has saanveer.. And barely Kabir scenes.. I want to see kaanchi soo much..okay, I will do confession before Malhotra track.. And thanks a lot for being so encouraging and supportive.. U are one of the best readers I could ever have.. Love u..??

  19. Misbah4

    Awesome…I think that Malhotra’s truth should reveal first and then confession ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Misbah amd thanks for voting.. As people are wanting confession first I will go with it..? thanks for voting..

  20. Otakustuff

    Loved the Saanvhi’s efforts to get the old Kabir back…breakfast pasta scene??? it was simply amazing dude…and the precap ?yeah why should always girls be the one to get trapped…I sense Karma Akabane behind this??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Otaku.. By the way I love the meaning of ur name.. And glad u liked it.. Yep devil is behind it.. And I am absolutely loving ur new ff.. Btw, did u watch Tokyo Ghoul? Anyways, thanks for commenting..??

  21. Loved your episode and…….Your learning shooting, I am so jealous

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot wardha.. Why don’t u take training too? I am sure u will love it..

  22. Amazing story… i am à silent reader and à crazy fan of kaanchi.. watching serial is just waste of time as we don’t get any kaanchi scene… just reading this fan fictions make my day… cvs should made kaanchi pair..as this pair has sizzling chemistry just like swasan in swaragini… i m varun kapoor fan but will not agreed for sanveer pair as they look like bro/sis rather then lovers…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Tisha.. Same I literally started the story for Varun.. But I think kaanchi suits better.. Thank u soo much for commenting..❤?

  23. Tisha123

    Plzzzz update ur ff… it has been 2 days..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry, I was out of USA and went to Finland for visit. Their sockets were different so I couldn’t charge my phone.. But I submitted the ff and an OS..

  24. Amnaa

    Plzzz update the next part of ur ff soon waiting for it eagerly

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry, I was out of USA and went to Finland for visit. Their sockets were different so I couldn’t charge my phone.. But I submitted the ff and an OS..

  25. Richa1496

    Please update your ff.. Eagerly wating for it.. ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry, I was out of USA and went to Finland for visit. Their sockets were different so I couldn’t charge my phone.. But I submitted the ff and an OS..

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