Kaanchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 12

Hi guys.. I am back.. Before I start today’s episode I am just informing prior time that the ff will probably end before 15th August as my summer vacation ends and school starts at 16th August. I just got a text from the magnet counsellor. He texted me my schedule for 10th grade and it scratched my eyes out. 3 AP classes with 3 Honours classes and internship at medical after school and academic decathlon. I am pretty tight for 10th grade.I think the school plans to exert me with exhaustion until I get into college.πŸ˜• Worry not my sweet readers I still might be posting shots.. I won’t be gone as I have to read by fav ffs too.

Lets start the episode….

Saanchi went out for a walk by the beach early morning to inhale the fresh morning air. When she left Kabir was sleeping. She tried to wake him as it was his plan to take a walk together but he wouldn’t budge. So she had to leave alone. After a hour she goes back to their room. She opens the door and sees kabir shirtless walking around in a towel on his shoulders. Saanchi instantly turns the opposite way and shouts at him.

Saanchi: Kabir!!!

Kabir: oh here u are.. Where did u go?

Saanchi: we had plans to walk outside and practise our seminar presentation but we were sleeping like a log. By the way why are u walking around the room naked?

Kabir: oh hello.. I just don’t have a shirt. Its not called naked..

Saanchi: same thing… Now pls dress up and lets practise for the seminar.

Kabir: I was going for a shower and remembered I didn’t have my shampoo with me. Remember I told u to pack that blue shampoo.

Saanchi: Yes, I know where it is. But pls first put on some clothes and pls keep distance until u are fully dressed.

Kabir: I am going to shower. So don’t waste my time and quickly give my stuff.

Saanchi looks around closing her eyes and stumbling here and there.

Kabir: Are u acting to be a blind character in a play that u are walking like this?

Saanchi: How can I open my eyes when u are in this state?

Kabir: When u are performing a surgery is the patient placed under piles of clothes?

Saanchi: No. Becuz we have to shut open their body. But u are different.

Kabir: am I an alien πŸ‘½? No, right. So how am I different?

Saanchi: u are walking here and there. Not placed in a surgery bed. Besides, u won’t understand.

Kabir: u girls can be so complicated. Its impossible to read any of u.

Saanchi: thats such a discriminative comment. By the way, looks like as if u have a lot experience with girls. Whatever I found ur shampoo.. Here
She stumbles on the table and unfortunately kabir doesn’t hold her and she falls down.

Saanchi: ouch.. (Opens her eyes) hey why did u let me fall?

Kabir: u told me to keep distance becoz I didn’t have a shirt.. Remember? And looks like now u don’t have a problem looking at me.

Saanchi realises she had opened her eyes and quickly shuts them again.

Saanchi: No.. My eyes are closed.

Kabir: Drama-queen.

He takes the shampoo and closes the bathroom door. Saanchi opens her eyes.. She thinks to pick clothes for the seminar and looks in the wardrobe. She sees a scarf at Kabir’s side.

Saanchi: whose scarf is this? It’s not mine. She clenched on the scarf and feels angry. Looks like today I have to confront kabir why other women’s scarf is in our wardrobe. Wait, Mr.Kabir. girls are complicated right?? Now I know where u get so much experience on girls from?(heavily jealous)

Time skip to seminar…

All the intern crew are setting up projector and speakers.. Saanchi, Kabir, Isha and Riya are the speakers.. Others on the PowerPoint and experimental duty. At a time saanchi sees Kabir talking to a lady. He smiles and talks to her. Saanchi feels a little envious. She sees her shaking hand with Kabir and both of them going out.

Saanchi: what if that’s the girl Kabir is betraying me for? (Makes a sad face and sniffs)

She follows them outside and finds no one. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder..

Saanchi: Ahh..(gets shocked and turns to see kabir)

Kabir: what are u doing outside?

Saanchi: I could ask the same thing but I want to know who were u outside with?(looks suspiciously)

Kabir: no one.. Come inside.. We have to start soon.

Saanchi: I have really important things to discuss when we get back to hotel. Wait and watch Mister it’s going to be intense..

Kabir: Is about any a medical field?

Saanchi: u will get to know everything really soon.

The seminar starts.. Saanchi and kabir does their talking and sits back at their place. Second after second saanchi gives kabir glares. He gets confused an what he did.. She even looks lost.. After finishing at the seminar they reach home at 8 pm.

Kabir: Saanchi, why are acting like this way? And why were u giving me glares during the seminar?

Saanchi: I know our relationship might not be as married couple but thats doesn’t mean u will betray me like this.

Kabir: betray? What are u talking about?

Saanchi: I thought before me u were engaged to ur work. Than what the hell is happening now?

Kabir: what did I do?

Saanchi: Ask me what didn’t u do? How could you? U are a married man before everyone’s eyes.. Think about ur reputation.. At least u should have thought about me as a friend

Kabir:Β  Saanchi.. I am have no idea what u are talking about? Absolutely no idea. So instead of blaming me like crazy just tell me clearly what the hell are u bashing me for?

Saanchi: wait.. I will so show you.

She pulls out of the scarf out the wardrobe and shows it to Kabir.

Saanchi: this is not mine.. What is it doing in our room? And that too in ur side.. I want to know why is one else’s scarf doing here? Wait, I know.. Its that girl’s isn’t it? The one with whom u were talking to happily than u even shook hands. Why didn’t u tell me about her? I want straight answe..(says everything in a single breath)

Saanchi gets cut off my Kabir. He places his hand over her mouth.

Kabir: shsh.. Calm urself down first.. Cool.

He leaves her and she sighs..

Saanchi: whose is it?

Kabir: It’s not that girl’s u are talking about. That girl is Neeti. She was one of my previous patients whose life I saved during my first surgery. That’s why I was talking to her. Nothing more.

Saanchi: Thats still doesn’t explain what this scarf is doing here?(says in doubtful tone)

Kabir: I confiscated it from two interns. Yesterday instead of working two interns were arguing over it and wasting time.. So I just took it..

Saanchi: you are cooking up lies.. How come I didn’t see you?

Kabir: Becuz u were at the other side. Promise I have nothing to with any girl.

Saanchi: U are telling the truth right?

Kabir:(face palms himself) Do I look like a person to have affairs?

Suddenly, a knock is heard. Saanchi opens the door and sees the intern.

Intern: sir, the scarf that I supposed to collect..

Saanchi hands over the scarf..

Kabir: I don’t want to see such childish behaviour again. Got it. Doctor.

Intern: yes, sir. It won’t happen again.

As the intern leaves Kabir crosses his arms and looks at saanchi with pride. Saanchi gets embarrassed with her actions.

Kabir: anymore blames, or accusations u have left saanchi?

Saanchi: I am sorry.. I was just a little insecure.. When I saw that scarf. Sorry.

Kabir: Apology expected.. And beside I might be a khadoos according to u but I don’t deceive People. Definitely I won’t backstab my wife.

Saanchi: I understand I reacted in a improper way. I accept my punishments.

Kabir: Its okay Dr.saanchi. its an act of nerve impulse. I am a doctor. I know that..

Saanchi smiles as she told the exact same dialogue to him yesterday when he apologized.

Kabir: By the way remember u found me cute when u thought I was jealous right?

Saanchi: yes.. But I was not jealous.

Kabir: But u looked really scary when u were jealous. All the glares and I have never seen u out bursting like that. U looked a lot devilish.

Saanchi: are u calling me a witch?

Kabir: misinterpretation. I said u looked devilish.

Saanchi gives him a glare..

Kabir: I am not scared of ur glares. I am still the stronger one. (Yawns) I am sleepy.. So pls move aside…

Precap: Saanchi goes in the jungle to look for the lost girl and doesn’t come back. Kabir gets worried and goes to find saanchi.. This brings out Kabir’s caring side.

And sorry for the short one… Anyways.. Thanks for reading and pls pls drop a comment.. They empower a lot.. Love u all.😘


  1. Trisha139


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    Annie this was super good …I just silently read and enjoyed each and every part of this one and specially glares …witch ….you are just awesome ….waiting eagerly for ur next update

  2. Nkh

    I have always enjoyed reading ur ff and today was no exception… looking forward to the next one… n i really appreciate ur regularity… bcz we knw dat we get to read an episode daily thank u for dat… wid urs i enjoy the one written by wardha , bewitch but mayb due to sm reasons dey dont post regularly… n trisha is also really good.. n yea vl miss ur ff frm august 15.

  3. riya

    annie dear, u r osm as always, sanchi turning jealous…….wow…..& the devil & witch part in the end, so hilarious, can’t just stop laughing………annie dear,love u a lot for ur regular posting of update, we gonna really miss ur ff from mid of august…… u r an amazing writer………

  4. SIYA

    Annie….thank God u r back…..I really really missed ur ff for a whole day…..
    The glaring part was super cool…..I mean no one thought sanchi could be this possessive about her precious things
    You know what ur ffs are like an addiction to me
    What a bad luck I hv ur academic year is beginning for 16th August and my terminal break is starting from 11 August
    You should really not leave us alone….. a few os would not be enough to compensate for the loss of ur great ffs but we will manage

    Last but not the least the good wishes u gave me really worked
    The exam was extremely easy
    I was really scared but now I am relived…..
    Hope I getc the highest marks like I got last year

    • AnahitaAnnie



      OMG Siya u are soo sweet.. Everyday I love reading ur comments and thank u soo much for always making me feel this great.

      Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted.. And I know OS are not compensating enough for the ff but my hands are tied. I will miss u all a lot.oh ur enjoying times started and mine is going to ends..

      And I am so happy u rocked ur test. I think u will score highest again.. Best of luck!! Keep smiling and keep shining!!😘😘

  5. Swetatitli


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    I don’t know what magic u have in ur hands and mind but u write every thing just in a perfect manner and which is not allowing me to quit ur ff even during the exams. I am a big fan of ur ff.really I am in love with ur ff yaar.😘😘😘😘😘

    • AnahitaAnnie



      That mean so much.. I jumping after reading ur comment. A big hug from me.Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted.. And I am in love with ur comments

  6. Otakustuff


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    Great update again…u make me fall in love with this story again and again(though there’s no need for it)😍😘

  7. Richa1496


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    Hi annie…. I am seriously gonna miss you from august 😒… And today’s ff was superb..Mind blowing, fantastic.. Etc….jealous sanchi was great and I don’t know what to say.. I am not getting enough words to express…. You and your ff are best… And will always be… Love you😘😍😊

    • AnahitaAnnie



      U are so sweet Richa. I will miss u lot too. And ur praises mean a lot.Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted. I love u more..😍😘

  8. sanyukta

    Awesome as usual.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡Keep writing dear.😍😍😍😍I loved it.
    I’m busy, so i m not able to write long comments But next time a huge comment with a suggestion.πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
    And yes,my sister wants to read this ff,so plz send previous links on next part.

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted.. And don’t worry about comment length. Ur support in little words also means a lot. I saw ur comment just now and the next one is submitted. To i will put links in the comment section.😘

  9. Sandhya

    Mind blowing episode. Never thought sanchi could be shown in jealous and possessive way. It is totally awesome. Eagerly waiting for the next part. ….

  10. sundari

    annie all the best for your carrier..but feeling sad beacause i going to miss your ff and os
    anyways have a bright future in your life..
    coming back to story its really funny,jealous sanchi for his love kabber and their joke its really cute and funny..
    as usual you rock it..no words to say..
    waiting for next os and next ff from you

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Aww Sundari.. U are so empowering. Don’t feel sad..Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted and OS will be here soon. A hug from me.

  11. shreya

    dear we are gonna miss a such author who cares about her reader wishes thanks dear for the os and this was fab if u accept I would just give u a suggestion pls bring little bit twist in it and keep writing regularly dear for us

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Thats too sweet of u. Its my duty to listen to my readers. I will try to bring twists .Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted

  12. Shazeema

    Superb update… Waiting for the next update soon… All the best for your future achievements…

  13. Tharu


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    Awesome epi Annie..Will miss your ff..But I can understand your situation…Do concentrate on your studies..All the best!!Love u loads

  14. Isha

    Saanchi being insecure was cute…Loved it to the core and the precap looks interesting😊

  15. Amnaa

    U are an amazing writer will miss u and yeah do update whenever u get time and loved todays episode

  16. Otakustuff


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    Hey…why not give kabir’s pov on shirtless incident and jealousy as well! Who knows he might actually be twasing sanchi abt it!

  17. Krysty

    Hi dear… Sorry fr the late reply bcoz I hadn’t been online fr last few days. N after I saw ur reply,I thought it would be best to catch-up with all the episodes n drop my reply in the latest oneπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ so… Yes of course we are friends!! We are curiosity-bound , isn’t it?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And thanks a lot for being so understanding n loving n taking care to personally mention me before the ff just so that I get to know that u weren’t offended N I don’t feel sry…,πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ I am touched.
    Furthermore ur ffs are fascinating as always n I wish that ur school doesn’t exert u to exhaustion… Btw wud u tell me abt schooling in US? Bcoz ur schedule seems really a lot fr a 10th grader. But may be it’s different bcoz it’s USA.
    Waiting to hear from you…. 😘😘

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Hi krysty.. Glad to have u back.. Yep we are bonded by our curious nature.. U have a really sweet personality.. I love reading ur thoughts and comments.

      Coming back to my schedule. I talked to some Indian residents in TU and I judged our curriculum is totally different. We have section for level of students. Average students get normal subjects and Honours students get Honours and AP(advanced placement) AP is equal to college level studies. If we are advanced enough to take it in high school we don’t need to take it in college and plus colleges love seeing lot of APs. i took 2 AP in 9th.. Going to take 3 in 10th and 5 AP in 11th and 6 AP in 12th.. And since I am in a medical magnet school I have to internship and research in divergent medical sectors from 10th grade. Plus the colleges here not onlu see grades but also internships, extra curricular and volunteer training.. And Academic decathlon is a Competition among schools. And honours are before AP. Before taking any AP we have to do its honours and if teacher’s think we are capable to handling AP. They will offer us recommendation. Thats why our schedule might be a little different. We don’t have any public exams.. But AP exams are done by college board. Plus we don’t have an college entrance exam.. All are based on high school.. Hope its a little clear now.. If u have any more questions.. Pls ask..
      Loved talking to u..😘

  18. Abhilasha


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    Annie a cute hug from my side for this mind blowing episode…. So sad to hear that u r ending this……. But its ok since u r busy but still try ur best to start another bcoz u have a lottt off potential…… U an be a great script writer aur author…… Since u r in US u have scope to embellish ur talent so don’t leave the ship and waiting for more unique stories of you!!!
    Stay blessed and all the best for ur studies……. Keep smiling!! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    • AnahitaAnnie



      A big return hug from my side.. Love ur comments so much. Thanks for the encouraging words. I don’t want to pursue a career in writing but It will always be my hobby..Thanks a lot of ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next episode is submitted.. Hope u always stay happy too.😘

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