Kaanchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 11

Hi friends.. I know yesterday was rushed and I apologise. So today I am going to fix em all up. Firstly I will show how kabir was not forcing himself on saanchi and secondly I will lessen his possessiveness and show his trust towards saanchi. But rest assured that he would be still jealous. So, that he doesn’t act like a psychopath like Vikrant.. Thank u soo much for all ur reviews. It really helped me as a writer.. Amd pls pls comment any wish and I will try to make it happen. Now a big cheers for Sanyukta and Riya for telling me their opinion. Hope u will like today’s chapter.. Love u both a lot.. And Otakustuff I am doing this chapter on POVs. Thanks for the brilliant ideas.

Now, time to start chapter….

Kabir’s POV…

The incident seems like a blur to me. What did I just do? Most importantly why? I completely lost control. I wanted to prove. But its wrong. I didn’t even take saanchi’s opinion. What will she be thinking? I have never felt so terrible over myself. I am drawn towards her. For some reasons I don’t want any trouble around her. Whatever I did was a mistake? It was not intentional. I can’t still figure why I did that. I have to apologise for my actions.. But I am sacred to face her..

Saanchi’s POV…

Why did he do that? To prove veer , me or to prove himself? This happened so fast that I can’t even react..(she takes a look at the mirror and sees herself all red) Not again… Let me wash my face to let the red ness wash away.. Futile attempt. I am not angry at him.. Or I am not offended. I guess things weren’t clear from his side too. But, I need time to think before I talk to him.

Suddenly, she hears footsteps.. Without wasting time she quickly tucks herself in the bed pretending to be asleep. She sees Kabir entering the room. He looks at her and she closes her eyes. After a second he sits on the other side.. With a laptop.. Pretending to work.

Kabir: I know u are not asleep. So quit acting..

Saanchi gets up..

Saanchi: I was asleep. I just woke up.. Come on its already late night.. Now its..(looks at the watch) only 7:30 pm.

Kabir: (looks at her) I am really guilty for what I did.. I am sorry. But promised I didn’t know when I did. And it was like a urge took over my body. I was not in control. Sorry to take such a huge step without ur permission. I apologise.

Saanchi:….. U.. Are …apologizing. To a someone..

Kabir: Yes, I am. I am sorry.

Saanchi: I am not offended. Firstly I didn’t even try to stop u. So basically I am equally at fault. And I know whatever happened was not intentional.

Kabir: so, u are not angry on me.

Saanchi: No.

Kabir: u don’t think I am bad guy?

Saanchi: no.. Of course not.

Kabir: you..

Saanchi: stop.. I said everything is fine. Lets just forget this I guess. It was veer’s stupid dare and its completed. So game over.

Kabir: Thanks for relieving me off my stress. I thought that u must be calling a war here.

Saanchi: well. U can drop the act that u are working. Since I can see the laptop is switched off.

Kabir: okay.. So tomorrow u will be watching over veer’s and Garv’s squad.

Saanchi: doesn’t veer’s squad include Siddhant?

Kabir: yes, so?

Saanchi: I thought u didn’t like him around me.

Kabir: I still don’t. But more than that I trust u. I know u can handle him. Becuz if I am khadoos u are even more.

Saanchi: No, I am not.

Kabir: That doesn’t mean I am dropping off my guard. My eyes are on him. Call me if he does anything. Becuz I still don’t trust him.

Saanchi: Okay, but.. It was cute to watch u get jealous. I will miss that side of urs.

Kabir: I am not cute and who said I was jealous? I was just protecting you.

Saanchi: if u say soo.

Kabir: And I also did act a little stupid at him. I shouldn’t have done that. Now, u can take down that necklace. Its stupid. I just brought it in a mistake.

Goes to take it off.. But Saanchi holds his hands.

Saanchi: no don’t. Its the first gift we gave me after our wedding. And I want to keep it.

Kabir: I think u mean that the only gift I ever gave u since we met.

Saanchi: yes.. But its cute.. “K” for khadoos.. I mean “k” for “kaleidoscopical”.

Kabir: do I continuously shift and change that u are calling me that.

Saanchi: yes.. Once time u are the Hilter and another time u are kinder than usually act so.. Kaleidoscopical.

Kabir: its better than Khadoos. And I am sorry again for what I did.

Saanchi: I think that topic ended. I understand it was just a sudden nerve impulse which u had no control over. I am a doctor I understand that.

Kabir: Just so u know.. Its going to rain a lot at night..

Saanchi: what does that have to do with us?

Kabir: That means thunder strikes.

Saaanchi: no.. Why am I always tortured? Why don’t u have any phobia?

Kabir: Now, Start working on the camp project. Less talk, more work quick.

Saanchi: see.. U changed ur mood in a split second. My notion was correct.

Both of them work for long and drift off to sleep.. Next morning.. All of them meet at the camping area. They set up places.. Arranges the vaccines..

Saanchi: Dr. Veer keep the freezer at the right side. Dr. Isha arrange the stretcher at that side. Dr. Siddhant did u make a record of the number of doses we have? Dr. Pragya I hope u arranged all the anti-biotics.

All of them: Yes, Dr. Saanchi we did everything. Just the tagging of medicines left.

Saanchi: good.. Now I am going to that side.. I want everything done by the time I take another round.

Saanchi goes to watch over other group..

Veer: God..she perfectly fits with the khadoos. Keeps ordering and working around.

Siddhant: she is still strong and cute though.

Isha: someone has a death wish.

Pragya: say that again and Dr.kabir will chop ur head off..(laughs)

After a whole day of camping and immunizations on the area. They were retiring for the day. Next way they have seminars regarding safely rules.

Kabir looks for Saanchi. He sees her at a distance talking to Siddhant as he laughs and smirks.

Kabir: control kabir control. Saanchi will handle him.

He finishes arranging everything and looks at Siddhant keeping a hand at saanchi’s shoulder. Saanchi keeps his hand down.

Kabir: Thats it…

He walks to them.. And maintains a cool and calm posture..

Kabir: Dr. Siddhant stop flirting with ur comrades and get to work. U still have ur duty to take back the left over vaccines. And I am afraid I have to steal saanchi now. I need her to help me out with arranging the data of the people we treated today.

Siddhant: yes, sir.

Saanchi: I have sorted out the averages from group 1, 2 and Group 6. The rest is with the respective team captains.

Kabir: I collected it from them. Now we have to enter this and create our project chart for this camp.

Saanchi: Today??

Kabir: yes, Dr.Saanchi today. Becuz tomorrow we have the seminar.

Saanchi: Didn’t we work enough already? But its okay.. I will work. For another whole night.

Kabir: We could it while having coffee at the near by cafe. People are saying they are famous. Consider it a date from me.

Saanchi: A date???

Kabir: why.. Only do u have the authority do arrange a date? Besides, we are at a honeymoon remember. Not according to me.. According to our superiors.

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir there is scorpion..(avoids the topic)

Saanchi was expecting kabir to scream or jump. Instead he crosses his arms and gives her “like-I-would-believe-that-prank” look.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi. If there were a scorpion here than u would be more triggered than me. So, I know it was prank.

Saanchi: I am not scared of a scorpion. Just dogs and thunders..

Kabir: And the crab that’s crawling over ur feet.. Aren’t u scared of it?

Saanchi feels something over her and quickly jumps over Kabir..

Kabir: see? U are scared about everything except fighting the board members and the authority for justice.. U are quite fierce on that area.

Both of them leave as the veer, pragya and Isha watches them leave.

Pragya: is it just me or does Dr.Kabir act different around Saanchi?

Isha: everything changes in love.. So, cute nah..

Precap: a little jealous from Saanchi’s side and Saanchi getting sick and kabir being a considerate husband.

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  1. wow post next update soon

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      Thanks a lot shreya.. I will update tomorrow again..

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      Thanks a lot Misbah.. Glad that u liked it.. And Biology is my fav.. Chemistry yeah okay and physics is really interesting too.. And don’t worry.. U will do amazing on ur exams.. Best of luck..

  4. Lovely episode.
    Just fab.
    Jealousy is just awesome.
    And kabeer he is so cute.
    Loved it.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Glad that u liked it.. I am soo happy u liked it..?

  5. annie dear u r too good as always, kabir apologizing, sanchi saying k for khadoos, k for kaleidoscopic……..haha, and in the end the scorpion prank, can’t just stop laughing………..its just osm…………..eagerly waiting for ur next update asap………….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Riya.. I am glad that u liked it.. And thanks for being so supportive.. Next part will be tomorrow..

  6. Cute one Annie:-)

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  7. dear could u pls post an os based on there honeymoon with possive kabir
    and having lots of fun romance and jealousy pls I am great fan of ur ff .pls u could this for ur fan
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    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Of course I would do it Shreya.. Just give me 5 days and within this time I will post promise.. I need to think of a plot and I will post.. Thanks for letting me know..

  8. Amazing update… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

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  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    I love this jealousy part ??? Oh please that kabir and vikrant has zameen asman fark (huge difference) sometimes that vikrant is so annoying ,I don’t like his track but I like it when that psycho is really sweet to priya ?, Wow the precap now it’s Saanchi’s turn ? I love the caring kabir ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much.. I love reading ur comments.. And yeah vikrant is a total psycho. But some parts of him caring is better.. And even I love jealousy tracks.. Yep now its saanchi’s turn..?

  10. Otakustuff

    I forgot to tell u last time that the necklace thing was a bit too much …but m glad u rectifed it….loved it! Its good to read a fanfic first thing in the morning!??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. And the necklace idea was not mine. It was my two of best friends.. Jonathan and Emily. That’s the result when I take suggestions from a boy and a psycho friend.. I told them it was too much and they were like Nah.. So I rectified it.. And about Karma…yes, I love his devilish attitude.. Its so cute.
      ??.. I will post tomorrow..i love reading ur comments everyday..

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    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am glad that u liked it Sundari.. I am relieved u liked the concept.. Thank u soo much for ur empowerment..

  14. I actually like ur ffs the best…
    I even wonder how can a person write so good as if he is an author or something

    I loved the jealousy track…it’s awesome … I mean first kabir is getting jealous and according to the precautions now sanchi will get jealous
    Siddhants entry was really good as we got to see the possessive side of kabir

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      I wish I could post now to relieve u from ur tension but sadly its 12 AM here and I have to go to sleep.. But promise I will start typing tomorrow the moment I wake up.. And chemistry.. Yayy!! I am sure u will rock ur exam.. Just stay relax and do ur best..

      Coming back. Its an honour to have such an amazing reader. I am really happy to know that my writings could soothe tou. And I am really grateful for all the support.. Ur comment is like a powerhouse of encouragement.. And Yep its our Saanchi’s time to get jealous now.. I feel terrible not be able to post now.. Thanks u soo much for being soo supportive.. Love reading ir comments Siya.. Rock on ur tests..?? my best wishes are with you.

  15. Sorry
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    I hate the autoswitch in mobiles

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      Don’t apologise.. I know the trouble f auto correct.

  16. Richa1496

    Annie… OMG…. You are making me addicted to your ff… You are best writer and you are ff are best.. Blesed that you are writing ff on SDCH….Thank you so much for your ff on SDCH…. I am in love with your ff…. ???

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      Aww Richa.. U are really very sweet.. I am even more blessed to have u as my reader.. Thanks for all the praises.. I will update next one soon.. Love ur DP..?

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    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Like Kabir even I don’t have any phobia.. That makes al of us siblings.. And glad that u liked it sanyukta. Nobody is as psycho as Vikrant..?

      Thank u soo much sanyukta for being soo supportive. Only becoz of all of my readers support I could come this far.. And the comments u guys give works like such a big encouragement.. Thank thank u soo much.. I feel really lucky to have u as my reader.. Thank u soo much.. Love u ? and comment made me jump out of happiness.. U are soo sweet. I wanna give a u big hug

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    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for ur comment.. Glad that u liked it.. Next update will be soon..

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      I am good shazeema.. How are you? Thanks a lot for ur comment. It feels great to have u as a reader.
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