Kaanchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 10

Guys.. I know u all might be a little annoyed with the late update but sorry.. We friends had a sleepover party and they didn’t let me type anything. I begged them to let me update the written episode of SDCH and that was all I got.. Now shoutout to Hafi.. U have an amazing set of ideas. Thanks for sharing..i love ur creative mind. And shoutout to Krysty.. Krysty I am not offended at all that u asked about my place.. In fact thank u soo much for asking.. I felt really good to share it.. And infact I really have ur curiousness becoz I am curious person too. Ask me anything u wish and I will gladly answer. I love reading ur comments and since we are friends no apologies.. We are friends right??
Now, last thing before I start. Here Veer has no romantic interest with Saanchi. He is just curious about them and pls don’t get disheartened at the first kiss. At the end of the episode I won’t disappoint all of u..

Let’s start the war of jealous…

Everyone is gathered around at the airport.. Kabir is giving safety and other instructions as if the interns are school kids and he is the teacher in duty during the field-trip.

Kabir: plus, there has been change in the plans. Since the weather of Goa might not be in a favourable condition we are not staying in tents. Rooms has been booked for us in the hotels. 2 persons in each room. Ur roommates will be known to u by the time we reach there. Got it.

All the interns: Yes, sir.

All of them enter the airport. Kabir pulls Saanchi to a corner after check-in.

Saanchi: If I may ask Dr.kabir, why are u abandoning the group? The flight is in an hour.

Kabir:( pulls out a chain from his pocket) I wanted to give u this. I didn’t get my fullname since there was no time. Till than the initial would do. (Shows the “k” lettered necklace)

Saanchi:(goes to put in the bag) okay, thanks.

Kabir: I gave u this to wear it. Not to hide it in the bag.

Saanchi: sorry, but I can’t tie a chain around my neck without a mirror.

Kabir sighs and takes the chain from her hand. He makes her wear it.

Kabir: there.. It looks good on you. K for kabir’s kindness.

Saanchi: (mumbles in a low tone) more like Kabir’s khadoosness.

Kabir: I can hear you. Wait until we get back and I make u clean my office.

Saanchi: sorry.. Sorry.. It won’t happen again.

They get in the plane.. Within some hours they reach Goa. The plane lands and all of them reach the hotel.

Kabir: we are the savitri devi college crew. I think 30 rooms are booked on our name.

Receptionist: yes, sir. The staff will lead you to ur rooms. By the way who is Mr. kabir and Mrs. Saanchi.

Kabir: that would be and my wife.

Receptionist: oh yes. I will lead u to ur room. Its special than the others.

Saanchi: Special?? For us??

The receptionist takes them to a well decorated area and opens the room. Saanchi and Kabir’s jaws drop at the scene.

Receptionist: this is our hotels most beautiful and most special honeymoon suite. Dr. Adarsh Malhotra booked this unique room especially for Dr.Kabir.

She hands them the key and leaves them alone.

Saanchi: uh, Kabir. Tents were better than these..(starts to feel uncomfortable at all the romantic decorations)

Kabir:(throws some rose petals from the bed) why are so many flowers here? How will we sleep among all these petals?(keeps throwing)

Saanchi: I am going to the washroom to freshen up. After all we have to go out later.

After sometime Saanchi comes out and sees kabir lying on the bed.

Saanchi: aren’t u going to come out?

Kabir: Not now. I have to get some sleep which u stole the night before. U go and watch over them. After all hard camping starts tomorrow and none will get time for sight seeing.

Saanchi: All of the interns are going to the beach. Come on pls come out.

Kabir: no..

Saanchi:(goes to the door) okay, I will be on charge.

Kabir: wait, is Siddhant going too?

Saanchi: he is an intern. So yes. He is coming.

Kabir: mind changed. I am coming. Wait for 5 minutes. Don’t go without me.

Saanchi: okay..(smirks)

All of them gets out and enjoys the beach. After that they set up camps at the areas to start their mission tomorrow. After a day of work and Kabir’s non-stop scolding the interns reach the hotel. Currently all of them are at the big dining hall reserved for them. After dinner Veer decides to play a game.

Veer: come on doctor kabir. Join us. I know u always act tough at the hospital. But now we are out. Tomorrow during camp u can start ur scolding session again.

Kabir: no. I am not in the mood.

He sits the table and watches Siddhant going and sitting near Saanchi. Kabir gets jealous again and decides to play. He goes near Siddhant and tells him to move aside.

Veer: Dr.Kabir there is vacancy over there. Why are u telling newbie to squeeze?

Kabir: becoz I want to sit here. Dr. Siddhant go over there..

Siddhant obediently agrees and moves to the farthest corner away from Saanchi.. Veer spins the bottle and it stops at Siddhant. He chooses truth.

Veer: do u have a crush an among the interns?

Siddhant: Saanchi..

Kabir tries to get up with a murderous aura but Saanchi makes him sit. He glares at Siddhant. Siddhant gets scared.

Siddhant: i.. mean I had a crush. Now I don’t it.

Kabir cools down. This time bottle lands on Kabir.

Kabir:(in mind: if I choose truth 100% veer will ask about our wedding) i choose dare.

Veer: Fine kiss Saanchi. Or else we will be forced to believe u guys are fake.

Saanchi starts panicking and looks at Kabir.

Saanchi: Veer.. What sort of stupid dare is this?

Suddenly Saanchi feels something on her cheek.. Kabir quickly pecked her on the cheeks and moved away.

Veer: thats not even a kiss..

Saanchi got red no she got burgundy and kept quiet.

Kabir: Doctors.. Its late night now.. Go to sleep. Tomorrow we have early morning camping.. So dismissed.

Kabir walks with Saanchi as she remains quiet. Both of them enter their suite.

Saanchi: I know our relationship is fake but I hope veer didn’t get suspicious. What if he understands its all fake?

For some reasons the word fake pierced Kabir’s heart. He wanted to do something..

Authors note: Surprise starts now…

He starts getting closer and closer to saanchi. He pulls saanchi closes to him and starts leaning towards her.

Saanchi: what are u doing?

Saanchi gets silenced by Kabir. As he places his lips upon hers. Saanchi’s eyes gets widened.His hands slides to her waist.. Pulling her even closer and deepening the kiss. After sometime he moved away leaving Saanchi traumatised.

Kabir: our wedding is not fake.. To u or anyone.. I didn’t do this outside but if u want I can do this a thousand times to u before everyone else.

He leaves for some fresh air as Saanchi burns in embarrassment and runs to the washroom.

Precap: more romance, fun, jealousy and work!!!!

I know the kiss a too much compared to their current relationship status.. But the honeymoon would go to a waste if I didn’t put any special scene.. Now hope u all liked it..
Pls pls comment.. I really need ur encouragement.. Love u all.

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  1. Richa1496

    Awesome…. I just read all your posted ff… And they were amazing…. You are truly a great writer… I loved all your ff a lot…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Richa.. Ur comment is really powering and encouraging. I loved reading ur comment.??.. It means a lot..

  2. For a 14 year old u sure r talented. Between all these kaanchi fics yours is the best I liked kabir’s possessive nature and try to make him sweet 4 sanchi like she is the only one who can bring out his sweetness from khadoosness. Anyway this fanfic is really great keep it up good luck???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. That’s what I am trying to bring down in my ff.. To show kabir is sweet only around saanchi.. Thank u soo much for all the love..?

  3. I’m huge fan of Sabir/Kaanchi,U write Owsm Keep it up dear.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Avnee.. I will try to retain ur expectations.

  4. pls could u post an os based on love jealousy romance and possesive on the honeymoon title
    actually I like ur writing skills and it means a lot that u are the best writer pls could u take a notice on that and post an os

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shreya.. I will of course pay heed to request.. Currently I am working on another OS. Give me just 5 days.. And within this 5 days I will try my best to post it.. Promise.. Thanks for all the praises..

  5. nice episode plz next episode updated soon plz bcz l like kabeer and sanchi pair plz next episode updated soon.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Next one is posted.. Glad u liked this ..

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