KaAnchi: Just an act?? By Annie part 1

Hi everyone.. I know I am really late.. And I hate giving excuses.. But my reasons were pretty valid though.. First I had to help papa plan their marriage anniversary surprise and secondly we went to the Santa Monica beach pier last day.. So I was tired.. Plus, my updates would seem a little late to u all since we have this huge time difference of 12 hours and 30 minutes.. So when u wake I sleep and when u all sleep I wake… Pretty bizarre but lets deal with it.. Plus, we will do the story in a POV way this time.

Now, let’s have our attention back to the story..

Saanchi’s POV…

I wake up and my eyes fall on the clock.. What? It’s already 8.. I am supposed to report to Dr. Kabir in 20 minutes.. Why didn’t pragya and Isha wake me up.. My eyes shift towards the two sleeping beauties.. Who am I kidding? Expecting help from these two..

I quickly change into a formal dress and start walking towards Dr.kabir’s office. To my dismay I collide with my rival veer.

Saanchi: watch, where u are going?

Veer: miss golgappa. Its ur fault that u are rushing.. Besides, what are u doing so early in the morning?

Saanchi: Its none of ur business.. Move.. I need to go.

I try to go but I feel a pull from behind.. Veer holds my hand and doesn’t let me go.. I jerk my hand away..

Saanchi: if u don’t want trouble take ur lazy body to the pediatrics sector.. Don’t forget I am the head intern..

They argue for a while.. What they didn’t realise was a doctor Kabir was watching them from afar..

Kabir’s POV…

Veer and saanchi always seems so close.. Are they friends or something else.. I shouldn’t interfere but for some reasons I can’t bear veer hoovering around saanchi.. This is not good..

Saanchi enters Dr. Kabir’s cabin…

Kabir: you are late by 5 minutes and 27 seconds.. What took u so long?

Saanchi: I am sorry sir.. I actually had a little bit of work.

Kabir:(mumbles) i exactly know what work u got engrossed with.

Saanchi: I beg ur pardon sir.. I didn’t get what u said..

Kabir: nothing.  I just wanted to say that u should keep away ur personal affairs from mingling with ur professional career.. Try being punctual and concentrate only on ur work.

Saanchi: I am not mixing anything sir.. To me duty comes first.

Kabir: good.. So I wanted to know what’s ur take on the interns? Are they working like they are supposed to? Report to me if u see anyone slacking off.

Saanchi: currently its all okay.. I just have a duty with Dr. Veer in the obstetrics sector.. After that I will be able to surmise a complete data for u.

Saanchi and veer together.. Thats not good. Both of them always goof up if they work together.

Kabir: I am shifting things a little.. Ask Dr. Riya to assist veer. Both of them are siblings so they might handle cases better..beside u both do nothing but argue.. Instead of messing things up u assist me in the pathology lab.  There is a high profile case we need to handle

Saanchi: (eyes beaming up with happiness) really.. U are freeing me from Dr. Veer’s useless pranks.. Thank u soo much sir, u are a life saver

Kabir: I don’t u rejoicing in my office.. Pick that file over there and get back to work.. And try avoiding getting tardy due to veer.

Saanchi tries to leave his office as kabir calls her again..

Kabir: Did i dismiss u yet?

Saanchi: no sir..

Kabir: than sit down here and do the work.. Becoz working in dormitories is not allowed by me.

Saanchi: yes sir..

After hours of work… All these time saanchi remained deep within  those papers failing to see that Kabir looked at her with admiration and impressed glance as she showed pure devotion to her work..

We need more doctors like her.. Smart, talented, devoted and ofcourse responsibility runs in her veins..

Kabir: u can take a break.. Besides I have to go to a meeting..

That both get out.. As they walk kabir stumbles a step and saanchi holds him.. They have an eyelock..

One of riya’s friends watches them from a distance.. She clicks a picture and smiles..

Riya’s friend: Riya has to see this.. How saanchi is pulling Dr.Kabir away from her.

Saanchi: Are u ok sir?

Kabir: yeah I am fine.. Thank you.

Time skip to Saanchi reading a book..

Saanchi feels a knock in her door.. She groans as it distracted her from finishing the last chapter of the pathology..

Saanchi: what do u want? (Lifts her head and sees kabir) sir.. I am sorry.. I didn’t know it was you.

Kabir: saanchi, I need u.. (Looks at a confused saanchi) i mean.. I need ur help for the surgery.. This instant.. The patient suddenly started to have concussions.. We need to do this now..

Saanchi: Ok.. I will just get prepared..

Kabir: be quick..

After the successful operation…

Kabir: congratulations doctor saanchi.. U have completed another successful operation..(forwards his hand)

Saanchi:(shakes hand with him) glad to be here sir..

Kabir: Since, u are proving urself time and gain capable.. I offer u to work with me.. Help in paperwork, assist me in medical emergencies.. In that way u can rise up to the ranks and fulfill ur motto. So will u accept?

Saanchi: thank u sir.. Its a huge opportunity for me.. I am honoured to be able to assist you.

Kabir: Starting tomorrow I need u to be punctual.. Reach my office at morning 8 sharp and no distractions..

Saanchi happily leaves towards her dorm.. She reaches and sees Isha and Pragya standing…

Saanchi: hey guys.. Long time no see.

Pragya: that was supposed to be our dialogue.. Why was riya with veer instead of u?

Saanchi: guess what Dr. Kabir gave me the chance to assist him.. Now I am a head intern and his assistant surgeon.. And we were doing paper work so I wasn’t with veer.. Guess I won’t be facing that jerk for a while.. The news made my day u know..

Pragya and Isha looks at each other and smirks…

Saanchi: i know that look. It means lets annoy saanchi till she looses her hand..

Pragya: wrong.. Thats not what it means.

Isha: it means Saanchi is changing and likes someone wala look.

Saanchi: i.. Why will I change?

Isha: u used to hate Dr kabir.. Remember.. Now you are happy that u got the chance to become his assistant surgeon.. That’s a change right.

Saanchi: its not like that..

Pragya: but u Don’t hate him anymore..

Saanchi: why would I ever hate him? He is a superior and an excellent doctor.. And I won’t deny the fact that I enjoyed his company becoz he is a good mentor and the work we do together is really interesting becoz he is an amazing doctor.. And I don’t want u guys cooking up stories becuz its strictly professionalism.

Isha: see even u accepted that u like staying with him.. And u are pouring down rain of praises.

Saanchi: its not like that.. What fun do u guys get annoying me?

Isha: Saanchi.. U are stealing my crush away from me.. But no worries I am even ready to sacrifice my crush for u too.. After all what are bffs for.. U can have him.. But Just accept ur feelings..

Saanchi: u both are crazy.

Isha and Pragya: u are crazy for him..

At that time Dr. Kabir arrives…

Kabir: why are u all making noises at this time?

Pragya: we are sorry sir.. We were just talking about how saanchi spent her day..

Kabir: its late.. U girls should get to sleep and Saanchi..

Saanchi: yes sir..

Kabir: Take this file and study the case properly.. Tomorrow we have to attend a new patient.. He is suffering from skin cancer 2nd stage.. So be prepared..

Saanchi: i will do that..

Kabir: so.. I guess, good night Dr. Saanchi

Saanchi: same to u sir..

Kabir leaves… And saanchi looks at the pair looking at her raising their eyebrows.

Saanchi: what? Its just a file that I need to study.

Isha: we know what we need add something to our notion.. Not only u but now I am guessing even he likes u back..(grins)

Pragya: plus he wished u a good night.. He never does that to anyone.

Saanchi: u guys keep ur notions and fictions to urself.. I am drifting off to sleep..

Precap: media: what is ur relationship with Dr.saanchi.. Is it true you are dating an intern..
Kabir and Saanchi looks on shocked.

That’s all for today.. I know it didn’t have really great scenes becoz I wnated to focus on the their hidden feelings..

Pls put down ur reviews and any suggestions…

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