Kanchi Forever (Episode 15)

Hello guys …
Kanchi forever ;
So let’s start …

They left for a village …all needed to examine all the people out there and prepare a detailed record of that …

In the car;

Dr kabeer was driving and dr saachi was just enjoying a peaceful sleep …

Kabeers POV;

I looked at her … she was sunkissed … tangles were covering her face …I moved a little bit to side the tangles that were blocking view of her face ….

She felt slight disturbance in her sleep …so she woke up …

Kabeer- Good morning saachi !

Saachi- very good morning !

Kabeer – I hope you had a good sleep …

Saachi- yes ;

She puts her hand on his left hand while he was driving …

Saachi- I hope you won’t mind if I hold your hand …

Kabeer- thts not the right question …I guess ..(he smiled )

She replied in agreement …

Few hours of their drive went silent ….

Kabeer – we are about to reach there …then you will be dr saachi my assistant …I hope u understood…

Saachi- yeah ! Definitely you don’t worry …

All five reached their first destination …..

Whole group stood together …

Kabeer – so there will be just one team as we have sufficient time for this …so let’s start …

Their first destination was a well made mansion may be the landlord of there …they entered …almost people gathered there ….they started their campaign and during that ….

They were at the door of that and a couple was welcoming them …
Landlandy: you are most welcomed please come in and have something …

Kabeer :no it’s ok I think we should start working …

Veer (murmuring)-siiiiir we all r tired ..let these people do some take care …

Saachi (murmuring )-he’s right kabeer let them Donna pls …

Veer -kabeer ?(in shock)

Kabeer-she means …dr kabeer (smirks )

The land lady -come in guys …

Saachi- let’s go Na kabeer …I mean dr kabeer how khduus you can be let us go na …(murmured)

Veer – haan sir ab to Mrs khduus ne bhi kehdia …I mean ms khduus

Saachi -veer !!!

Kabeer -ok fine come in ….

After sometime the land lords let kabeer and saachi meet their son …vipul rana….
He liked saachi at first ….forwarded his hands in front of her for a hand shake ….surprisingly kabeer interwened and shakes his hand …

Vipul: and she …(he forwarded his hand )

She was able to see that jealousy for him in his (kabeer)eyes …

Kabeer (a jealous kabeer again interuppted ): yes she is dr saachi my assistant ….

Vipul – she’s so hot

Kabeer – mind your language she is my wife …
Saachi coughed heavily on this !!

He just got her backside of the mansion …and pinned her to the wall …

Kabeer – what was he trying to do …

Saachi – ahm I guess someone is jealous …

Kabeer – I am not jealous but yes if he again tried to come close to you I will rip off his teeth …

Saachi- why do you asked him that I am your wife …

Kabeer – I don’t know what I thought right I just did …

Saachi- by the way …(whispers in his ears)some people look cute when jealous…
She left

Whole group again stood together …
Veer – dr kabeer and dr saachi ; where were you both we were looking for both of you !

Ria- it’s ok …kabeer must be busy with his work..

Saachi- its dr kabeer …?

Ishprag- coughs on this

She realised what she said …

Veer – chori chori chup ke chup ke…!!

Saachi-(angrily)-veer !!

Veer- miss golgappa why r u angry I just meant this is a good movie right …?

Kabeer -anyways guys tonight we will manage with few rooms …and tomorrow evening we will leave for our next destination …

The land lords thought saachi and kabeer to be a couple so both were given a common room…
She came after her hairwash …and a shower ….
He was just mesmerising her …she looked so adorable with wet tangles of her hair…

She looked at him through the mirror for few minutes …and so did he both were admiring each other and that mirror was the proof…

Kabeer- why are you checking me out !!

Saachi- r u mad why would I see u… you are not so good ok …
And mr khduus in fact you were doing that …

Kabeer – seriously !!

He steeped towards her
In no time she was btw his arms and wall…he leaned onto her …she closed her eyes …he silently clicked a cute pic of her …turned to her ears and whispered softly…”you turned red again” …and to listen this she turned crimpson…
They parted…she could easily see in the mirror how much she blushed …
Next day they had to arrange a finale camp…
Early morning ..kabeer woke up early …she was still sleeping …

Kabeer – my god ! This ms khduus she is not less than Kumbhkaran…
Tries patting on her cheeks….
“Schi wake up its little late ”
Saachi-in sleepy tone )-just lemme sleep Pragya Isha …that khduus will scold us again ..

Kabeer(irritatingly)-really miss saachi…!

Saachi- sun rays disturbed her sleep and she woke up finding him in front of her…
“Very good morning kabeer ”

Kabeer-I guess it’s good afternoon so just woke up

Saachi- wooah! It’s just 7 kabeer …

Much to her surprise he gave her a kiss on her cheeks…she stayed there with widened eyes at his sudden gesture…
Kabeer- now come on go and get ready I don’t know how Isha Pragya handle you …
Sachi-bcz they love me (mischiefly says that)
Kabeer- and me I don’t love you ?
Saachi- you might know that(gave an evil smile)
Kabeer- you have to pay for this miss saachi…
Saachi – I will

On the other hand Ria planned something big

Precap-they were managing the last part of their first destination …her top started to torn a bit from her right shoulder …he immediately hugged her tightly in front of everyone and intentionally covered that area…

So guys this was in this part
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  1. Trisha139

    I don’t know why part one is shown but this is episode 16

    1. Trisha139

      Episode 15th of knchi forever

  2. Swetatitli

    Oo it was very nice.i loved it a lot. keep writing dear ???

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou and sure

  3. Sakash.

    Ur Episode 15 or 16 was Superb too good dear.Isha nice episode dear.

    1. Trisha139

      Thanks a lot sakash…and it’s not isha thts Trisha

      1. Sakash.

        Hi Trisha.In our first meeting i ask u that can i call u Isha?U accepted.
        That’s the reason i called u.Anyways Trisha too sounds good.Of course i call u as per ur wish.Bye.

      2. Trisha139

        Oops really sorry I completelyy forgot about that “isha” so sorry I asked you…you can continue s per ur wish

  4. Its amazing

  5. Awesome yes I was thinking that and thanks for sharing. Next part asap

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      Sure Nd thanks ashnita

  6. It’s amazing
    Keep writting…dear
    But one thing is that epi was short……

    1. Trisha139

      Thank you sanju..I will try to make it long from next time

  7. trisha, u r amazing dear, it was just like reading a romantic comedy update, when veer says,chori chori chupke chupke & kabir saying, why r u checking me out………haha, so hilarious….eagerly waiting for ur next update……….

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much Ria so gla you liked it …I will try to update soon

  8. AnahitaAnnie

    Veer is soo cute.. His dialogues are really very adorable. Veer has always been my fav character and Kaanchi is love.. Woow.. The episode was thr cutest thing eva.. Loved it and the precap ??

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou annie…glad you liked this one

  9. This was just awesome.
    I mean no words.
    Just fab.

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      Thanks a lot

  10. trishna again you rocked it yaar.and today episode is funny yaar.no words to say
    waiting for upcoming ff with lots of fun and romance

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      Thankyou so much sundari …so happy you liked it

  11. It’s superb as always dear

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  12. This episode is very funny and entertaining. I just loved it. Waiting for the next part.?

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  13. Moonlight25

    This was amazing. You write so good. Keep it up!

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  14. Are u updating it daily /or

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        I jst ask coz I can’t wait 48 hrs….

  15. VINAL

    Superb I was not able to control my laugh mr jelous khadoos he is sooo cute

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      Thanks a lot vinal

  16. Wow Trusha this was just fabulous you are a great writer love ur ffs

  17. I am a silent reader of your ffs and trust me this is the best I read till today …continue soon yaar …I am just in love with your writings

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      Thanks a lot

  18. Abhilasha

    It was so soothing and loved it…… Update next part soon and jealousy…. O god… Wow

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      Thankyou abhilasha and sure

  19. Wow super cute episode loved it plzz update soon especially kabir jealous part was best ?

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