Kaanchi: Bad boy meets the princess, Part-2: The challenge diminishes with a campfire.

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And, if you missed the previous episode:


Highlights of Episode-1: Pilot Senior year:

Saanchi Mishra. The pampered princess at home and school. She walks in the school hallways with pride, confidence as others adore her. She is the queen bee! But is she mean though?

Kabir Kapoor a spoiled child but is very intelligent and lazy. Loves completing challenges and proves he is worth it.

“Also guys I have a special announcement” ms. Gupta excitedly handed out some forms. “We have our History Camp in 3 weeks.

“So cabin 6 will be Isha, Pragya, Veer, Riya, Kabir and Saanchi” since Ms. Mishra and Mr. Kapoor needs to behavioral improvement. “Yeah, That’s means we need stay apart. If we share the same Cabin you might find him dead because I strangled him in the middle of the night” Saanchi gritted her teeth at Kabir who seemed okay with the fuss.

Just the thought of us makes me wanna puke” Saanchi made a disgusted face. “I would love to make people’s assumptions true, if you give me a chance that is” Kabir tried to flirt. Saanchi lightly punched his shoulder and walked away. But she looked behind and said, “Camp is going to be a lot of fun” she smirked and soon went away. Kabir stood there smiling.

And let’s get ahead with the story:

Episode-2: The challenge diminishes with a Campfire.

All of the students gathered around terminal-1 of the airport waiting for their teacher to show up.

“Did I pack googles along with my swim suit? Pool water irritates my eye” Isha thought looking at her big luggage. “Isha, we are going to a camp not a resort. The only swimming you could do there is in the lakes with a bunch of crocodiles and other weird reptiles” Saanchi answered eyeing Kabir who was talking to a bunch of boys.

“So, Mr. bad boy you like challenges don’t you, here is one that will require a lot of effort” RG(random guy) whispered. “There isn’t a single challenge that Kabir Kapoor can’t complete. I’ll just need a few weeks before I make her fall in love with me and crumble her heart into pieces” he looked at Saanchi. “ why do I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with her?” RG narrowed his eyes. “ Fall in love with her? She is just a pretty face with an empty brain. She is mean, snarky and full of herself. She acts so fake around others. Firstly I don’t believe in love at all and even if I fall in love it will be with a girl who knows how to care and love. Not with a obnoxious, arrogant person like her. Any guy who will actually fall in love with her has to go see a psychiatrist” Kabir laughed the theory off. “Boys” a voice same from behind. Kabir turned and saw Riya. Uh-oh. Did Riya hear everything? “ Ms. Gupta is here, and the flight is in 30 minutes and we leave through Terminal A45. What are you guys doing here?” She dragged all of them with her.

Inside the plane, Saanchi is sitting with Veer and Pragya. They are all playing cards. At that time Kabir comes in with coffee and a donut. “Prin.. I mean Saanchi this is for you” he handed her the coffee, “Caramel Macchiato with Whipped cream and a pinch of Cinnamon sprinkles. Your everyday favorite” Kabir flashed a smile. “How did you know that’s what I order every morning? Are you stalking me now?” Saanchi raised eyebrow. “Stalk you? Oh no. The reason is I work in the coffee store you visit every morning and I see you there” Kabir lied. “Really?” Saanchi said with a disbelieving tone. “Yes. The thing is I am in a financial crisis and I am trying to save up for my younger sister’s birthday party. That’s why I work” Kabir made up a story and acted emotional. “ No you don’t. 1. Because your dad is a renowned businessman so you have no financial crisis and secondly you don’t have a sister” Saanchi kept the coffee aside. “Looks like someone else is doing an extensive research on me” Kabir sat Next to Saanchi. “No. I don’t care about your life. I saw you with your dad on your first day and I recognized him and than the sweater you are wearing is worth $600. And I just assumed the not having a sister part” Saanchi started an entire analysis. “You are such a shopaholic” Kabir got up and headed towards his actual spot. “Next time come up with a better story and Stop making fun with financial crisis. Some people actually have to work due to such reasons. Respect them” She shouted behind.

Time skip to inside the Camp:

“Okay, so every group has a captain that will look over that everyone is following the rules and are in charge of keeping the schedule in order. Saanchi you will be the Captain of your cabin” Ms. Gupta handed her the cabin keys. Saanchi had a huge smile on her face and looked at Kabir who didn’t seem very satisfied.

“ Cabin mates line-up since I start by discussing the rules. Veer get your lazy body down here and leave those flower beds alone” Saanchi took out a bunch of papers as Kabir, Pragya, Isha, Veer and Riya came. “Okay so rule-1, no getting out of the cabin after lights out which is at 11PM. Also you can eat your snacks and do whatever inside your own bedrooms. No sneaking, no peeping and definitely DO NOT listen to music without headphones. Also your food shouldn’t be anything that includes alcohol or drugs. Get it Mr. Bad boy” Saanchi asked Kabir. “Oh no. You destroyed my plan of sneaking alcoholic drinks with 35% Vodka and also smuggling cocaine and having a party with drug dealers at 3 AM” Kabir said with a sarcastic tone. “That wasn’t funny at all” Saanchi glared. “Exactly, so stop pointing such rules at me because I might be rebellious but not suicidal to get involved in such matters” Kabir got annoyed. “I didn’t mean that. I am sorry if you got the wrong idea” Saanchi apologized realizing that she might have been to hard on Kabir. “No problem, Princess” Kabir gave her a thumbs up.

So, it’s a camp. And any camp story is incomplete if it doesn’t include games like Paranoia, Spin the bottle, Seven minutes in heaven and truth or dare. So why not include Spin the bottle to spice things up.

“Guys let’s play spin the bottle. Except in this version the people on the bottle’s end will not kiss each other rather will get the chance to ask each other a question that they have to answer truthfully” Garv suggested. Everyone sat down to play.

They spun the bottle and first it landed on Riya and Veer. “Do you have a secret crush on someone?” Veer asked Riya with prying eyes. “Yes” Riya answered with mundane eyes. “Wh..” Veer couldn’t even complete the question. “Only one question Veer so your turn is over, my question is were you the one who dropped mom’s favorite vase and dumped the blame on me?” Fumes were seen coming from Riya. Veer sweat dropped, “I don’t know,” he saw everyone glaring, “Yes it was me. It’s always safe to put the blame on your sister” Veer gave an innocent smile to Riya. “You will have troubles sleeping today Veer, lock your door properly” Riya gave Veer an evil grin and Veer gulped. “Typical Siblings” Kabir commented. More bottles were spun and lots of interesting questions came up, but let’s put the spot line on Kaanchi.

This time the bottle landed on Isha and Saanchi, “Who you think is the hottest boy in this room?” Isha gave Veer a high-five. “Of course you had to ask such question Isha,” Saanchi looked around. Kabir thought, ‘whose name will she take’. “ okay so just because I say he is hot doesn’t mean I like him or admire him. It’s just a fact and I…” Pragya cut Saanchi. “Enough with the explanations already, just take a name” everyone started to get impatient. “Kabir” Saanchi said in a low tone and everyone had a ‘it was expected’ look except Kabir who curiously eyed Saanchi. “Would please stop staring? It’s considered impolite” Saanchi crosses her arms. She thought, ‘I shouldn’t have taken his name. He is better-looking than everyone here that Doesn’t mean I like him. In fact he gives me a headache’. “I was just observing if it’s really you or someone else in your appearance?” Kabir joked. “Do you want me to take my opinion back?” Saanchi answered. “ babe, Once it’s told, it’s sealed. At least now I know you have good sense of judgment” Kabir gave Saanchi a hug but Saanchi broke free. “Loser” Saanchi muttered. “I heard it Princess” Kabir smirked. “It was for you to hear” Saanchi fired back.

“Okay, so since lights will be out soon we can’t spin again. But since Kabir is left we will all together ask him a question and end the game” Pragya suggested.

I am going to sleep. If I see your face anymore than I already have today, I will get terrible nightmares” Saanchi got up to leave but a strong hand held her wrist and pulled her back down. “Come now. Aren’t you excited to hear my answer” Kabir made Saanchi sit. “Not even the tiniest bit” Saanchi pouted. “Okay Kabir, the question for you is, If you were to date a girl from here who would that be?” Garv asked. “Date is strong word. Couldn’t you ask something easier like who I think is cute or something? Because if I say date that means I have a crush on her. Don’t I?” Kabir looked at Saanchi and smirked. “Don’t talk in circles Kabir. We are excited to know your answer” Riya popped up. “That would be the girl sitting next to me” Kabir looked to his right side where Saanchi supposedly was sitting but now she was seen at the farther most corner of the room. Everyone laughed. “Yes, the girl I would date would be Saanchi. There is no point hiding Sweetheart, I think I made my feelings pretty obvious” Kabir winked at Saanchi. “True. Kabir already flirted for like 1000 times in this 3 months span” Pragya started with facts. “What ever,I am sleepy. Isha, Veer, Pragya, Riya and Kabir it’s time for us to head towards our cabin” Saanchi pulled the 5 people with her out of the recreation center.

Timeskip to 12 At night.

Saanchi went to the kitchen to get some water and she saw Kabir leaving the cabin. ‘Where is he going now? I should find out,” Saanchi thought and started following Kabir.

They kept walking and walking. Kabir heard rustles and looked back. Saanchi hid behind a tree. ‘Why did I sign up for this wild goose chase?’ Saanchi sighed. She kept thinking and suddenly landed in nowhere. “Shit, I lost him. Where did he go?” Saanchi looked around. Suddenly someone came from behind, “tada” Kabir shouted. Saanchi gave a light scream and turned. “What the F. Are you doing here?” Saanchi fumed. “I wanted to bring you in this forest alone and have a romantic date with wild animals surrounding us” Kabir joked. “I swear I want to kill you” She pushed Kabir lightly. “Honestly why are you here anyway?” Saanchi questioned. “I purposely left in front of you to see if you are curious in where I go?” Kabir smiled. “And you did follow me” his tone turned a little arrogant. “Mean prank but I came here because I am in charge of keeping idiots like you inside the cabin. Now let’s go” she started dragging Kabir by the arm. They came across two lanes. Saanchi sweat dropped. “Which way did we take Kabir?” Saanchi nervously chuckled. Kabir gulped, “you are the queen bee, you should know.” “Are you telling me we are lost??” Saanchi panicked. “Don’t worry we will find a way. Maybe it will be clear in the morning?” Kabir suggested. “Stay here all night? Are you out of your freakin mind?” Saanchi lashed out. “Let’s just take the right lane and see what happens” both of them started heading towards the right lane.

They walked for like an hour and found a dead end. “Holy crap, this was the wrong way. We talked hours for nothing” Saanchi stomped her feet and lamented. “Let’s just start going backwards” kabir suggested. They were walking and suddenly Saanchi tripped. “Ouch” Saanchi got a cut and started bleeding. “Are you okay?” Kabir got down and started helping her. “I don’t think I can walk properly now” Saanchi cursed her fate. “Told you wearing 6 inch heels brings danger” Kabir replied. “Haha, I am not wearing heels because it was in the middle of the night and I was in my sleeping attire ready to have a peaceful sleep. I’m in my slippers” Saanchi argued with Kabir. Suddenly they hear giant foot steps and a growl. “Is that a bear?” Kabir started panicking. “Oh no, that bear will eat us alive” Kabir kept poking Saanchi. “It will find us if you don’t stop being this over dramatic” Saanchi rolled her eyes. “What am I supposed to do? I might die today and I am not even 18 yet” Kabir sulked. “We need to find a camouflage spot, fast” Saanchi looked around. “Kabir go and stick to that tree and try your best to blend in and take off your jacket because your perfume will attract the bear” Saanchi pointed to a large oak tree. “What about you?” Kabir asked concerned. “I’ll probably limp my way through to a tree” Saanchi looked around. “Just come with me” Kabir offered. “Two people will not only increase the danger but would also risk both of our lives” Saanchi ordered him to go. “You are annoying” Kabir kneeled down. “What are you doi….” Kabir lifted Saanchi up and both of them stood clinging to the tree. “ I wouldn’t let you act that selfless. It doesn’t suit you” Kabir whispered. After a moment they heard the bear footsteps fading away. Kabir tried to go but Saanchi pulled him back. “It will come back again for a last check and than go away. Don’t move!” Saanchi replied. They heard the bear again. It checked the surrounding and went away for good. “Hah, saved” Saanchi wiped her forehead. She observed Kabir who has a weird look on his face. “What?” She asked. “I am thinking how many personalities you have within you” Kabir pretended to think. “Shut up” Saanchi smiled. “No, you are the queen of high heels and fancy dresses and out here you are Dora the explorer, very interesting!” Kabir smirked. “You are really funny” Saanchi said, “but now let’s head back” Kabir and She started to take the other route. Kabir placed his hand on her shoulders and held her hand to help her balance with the injury.

Finally they reached the Cabin and saw Isha, Pragya, Veer and Riya tensed. “You guys are back. We were so worried” Isha hugged Them. “Saanchi are you okay!” Veer looked at her feet. “It’s fine” Saanchi sat on the couch. “Where did you guys go? A romantic date in the forest at 1 in the morning?”Pragya reasoned. “I don’t know why you guys think I’ll go on a date with him and that too in a forest? In which way does it seem romantic?” Saanchi rolled her eyes. “I will tell you guys what happened” Kabir volunteered to open up about the hectic experience they had just been though. “Well. I am happy you both are safe. And Kabir no more acts or pranks like this”-Riya . “No more, promise”. Everyone went to their rooms leaving Kaanchi behind. “You need help walking to your room?” Kabir asked. “I am fine and stop being so nice. It sounds weird coming from you” Saanchi got up. “Now that we have been through so much today, Can we be friends?” Kabir smiled as he offered. “I’ll think about it. Good night!” Saanchi also smiled at him and went to her room.

“I was wrong about Saanchi. She is not mean or fake. I feel I should call this challenge off and actually start a new with her” Kabir concluded and texted the boys.

“The challenge is off, I won’t do this”.

He peacefully drifted off to sleep. Well, Can we see a love story happening soon! Maybe.

Precap: I haven’t thought is anything. I’m so blank.

Next-up on The bad boy meets the princess:

Episode-3: The quest continues

Episode-4: the start of something new

Episode-5: There is no place like homecoming.

Episode-6: It starts again.

So, you can throw all your trash on this episode. I mean it was stupid and bland ?. The thing is your author here ran out of ideas. And is filled with summer plans. And I know the bear thingy was very superficial and jejune, but hey, there can be anything in a love story ?. I just added whatever to the episode and it turned out to be a complete failure. But please help me out with ideas and any suggestions if you have any.

Also I just wanted to say that all of you are so beautiful and special inside-out so love yourself and others around you and let’s spread happiness and affection.

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With that, good bye until next episode and always keep shinning, take care and be happy!

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