Kaalrakshak (Part-1)

Guys i am back with a new ff.It consist of kawach,naagin season 1 and brahmarakshas.

Rainaa-She is a brahmarakshas.A good one but.She is one of the kaalrakshak choosed by god.

Shivanya-She is a naagin.She is one of the kaalrakshak choosed by god.

Paridhi-She is a fairy.She is one of the kaalrakshak choosed by god.

Ritik Singh-He is the owner of a five star hotel named Singh hotel.

Rishabh Singh-He is a cool car racer.He is Ritik’s brother.

Rajbeer Singh-He is the boss of the business named singh consultants.
A women is walking on road when four men come to her and starts teasing her.They catch her hand and try to take her away when a fairy comes and saves her.

Women:Thank you very much fairy.

Fairy:Its my duty as i am a part of kaalrakshak.

Fairy smiles and goes from there bidding the women bye.

Fairy:Its really difficult to try the identy of our self.Today i thought Aisha will identify me that i am Paridhi.

Yes she is Paridhi.

Paridhi comes in her human avater and goes away.

There is a forest shown.Some men comes there.They are hunters.They see a deer.

Hunter 1:See that deer.We have to kill that deer.

Hunter 2:Yeah.Set the target

They set the target when they hear a voice.They turn and are shock to see brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas:You cannot kill any animal.

She catches there collar and hung them on tree.They say her sorry then she throws them.They run away.

Brahmarakshas changes into a sweet girl and goes to the deer.

Girl:I will not let any animal get harm.

She is Raina.

Some childrens are playing at the corner of the mountain.

One girl falls from the mountain.She is falling when a naagin saves her.

The naagin turns into a beautiful girl.

Girl:Thank you shivu didi.

Shivanya:You are welcome.

Shivanya smiles.

Precap:Entry of Ritik,Rishabh and Rajbeer.

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    1. Siddhi

      thank you lucky?

  1. Please siddhi update this ff daily I just loved the way shivanya , paridhi and raina took entry

    1. Siddhi

      thank you very much gungun will try

  2. Jasminerahul

    3 hit supernatural serials in your ff. Cool.loved the introduction of the girls.

    I am upset with you siddhi.because though you are starting amazing ffs after 2-3 parts you are not continuing them.plz don’t make us upset.It’s depressing that you are not updating my favourite ffs

    1. Siddhi

      Sorry sorry i will update it for sure

    1. Siddhi

      thank you crazygirls

  3. Nice

    1. Siddhi

      thank you rs?

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