Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 5th February 2013 Written Update

Episode Started At Tiyagi’s Place.Rajnish Was Giving Instruction To RKT On The Case.He Told RKT That His Biggest Enemy Is Inside His House.He Compared Sayali With “Vibhishana”.He Advised RKT To Handle This Issue Before Court Hearings..
RKT Was Tensed.Samar Advised Rajnish To Tell Something New.But RKT Stopped Him And Ordered Him,Not To Utter A Single Word.He Accepted That Sayali Can Change The Game..
Then Sayali Came To The Hall.She Understood That Rajnish Will Defend Samar In The Case.She Congratulated Rajnish And Told Him;From Now Mr.Rajnish Pathak Is Official Member Of Her Father’s “Dog Squad”..
RKT Got Angry To Hear This.He Threaten Sayali That She’ll Get A Tight Slap Now.Sayali Told Fearlessly That She Doesn’t Care.She Said, Stubbornness Is In Her Blood And Her Father Has Taught Her,How To Behave With Enemies..
Then Samar Spoke Up.But Sayali Stopped Him Too.She Told That Her One Statement Can Put Him Behind Bars.Then She Left..
RKT Apologize For Sayali’s Behavior.He Told Rajnish That He Is Stuck From Both End.He Is Seeing Dark Everywhere.Then Rajnish Advised RKT To Hook(Marriage) Sayali With Someone Else..
Rajnish Told RKT That He Can Talk With Sayali On This Matter.Samar Was Not Agree But RKT Gave Him The Permission..
Here At Vaani’s Place;Pakhi Was Making CV For Dev.It Was A Cute Scene.Pakhi Was Making Fun Of Dev’s CV.Dev Was Annoyed..
Mamiji&Vaani Was In Kitchen.Mamiji Told Vaani That Pakhi Is Smiling After A Long Time.Vaani Agreed.She Said Dev Always Reminds Her Of Nimai..
Here Rajnish Went To Sayali’s Room.He Advised Her To Forget Nimai And To Think About Her Future.But Sayali Insulted Him To The Core.Then Rajnish Left..
When Rajnish Returned To The Hall,RKT Said No One Can Convince Her.Rajnish Was Silent.Then He Told RKT To Find An Arrogant Boy For Sayali.It’ll Help To Stop Sayali’s Craze..
RKT Turned And Told Rajnish That He Has Got One.He Gave The Proposal To Rajnish.Everyone Was Shocked.RKT Told Rajnish That It’s The Best Proposal,He Ever Got..
Rajnish Thought For A While And Said “NO” Mysteriously..

Precap: Samar Told Sayali That RKT Is Selling Her To Rajnish.She Went To Rajnish’s Place And Slapped Him..

Update Credit to: Dark Knight

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