Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Vani collects the original autopsy report with the intention of submitting it to the police, proving that their so far collected evidence was inaccurate and demand impartial Enquiry .

Tyagi arrives just then and assures them of their help , The naive Vani is taken in by his words and reveals that she is seeking to get the police to investigate again.. so saying Tyagi tries to garland the foto of Nimay but is stopped by Vani who states that unless Nimay gets justice there will be no garland adorning his foto ,Tyagi tries to road roller over Vani and get his way but is firmly stopped by Vani..

Vani and Tyagi comes to the Police station where Tyagi plays the good Samaritan , Vani informs the police Officer that she has come to lodge a complaint , the police officer tries to fool vani and plays for time but on the face of Vani’s stubborn stand the police officer puts some hurdle s which are seemingly countered by the savior Tyagi..The Police appears to yield with ill grace and the game of hoodwinking begins..

Vani is at school preparing for her class when she is summoned by the principal of the school who tells her that she has been absenting herself frequently leading to inordinate hardships on the students, Vani promises not the let her personal issues cloud over her professional issues , The Principal relents and agrees for the continuation of Vani’s job.

Nimay’s sister is sitting in the courtyard all broken up , pouring out her pain to her Nani when a photographer comes and hands over the engagement photos to her..Both Nani and Nimay’s sister shed tears on seeing the photos..

Vani reaches the hospital and demands to see the Doctor who had issued the postmortem but is told that the Doc is on leave. The Nurse requests Vani’s Number and promises that she will get the Doc to call Vani when he comes back.

The Rajhans Ladies are in various stages of sleep, Vani comes after completing her chores, The daughter who had been looking at the photos of Nimay n family furtively quickly hides it in the diary and engages in small talk so as not to give Vani further pain ..but Vani assures her saying that she is quite strong and will not be cowed down .

Tyagi plots to hide the truth even further while at the same time continuing to pretend to be the well wisher of Rajhans , The Rajhans ladies have a narrow escape when the rikshaw they were travelling in almost gets toppled by a car which grazes it close by .

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..