Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Episode Started With Vaani-Dev Scene.Vaani Was Looking For Rickshaw.Dev Was Passing Was Through The Same Road.He Saw Vaani And Stopped His Bike..
Vaani Noticed Him But Remained Silent.Then Dev Asked Her,Where She Wanted To Go?Vaani Replied Angrily That It’s Not His Business..
But Dev Was Obstinate.He Told Vaani That He’ll Not Leave The Place Until She Get Ready To Go With Him.Then Vaani Agreed..
Here In Tiyagi House,Sayali Was Pleading To Let Her Go Outside.The Watchman Came And Told RKT That Journalists Are Waiting Outside..
RKT Came Out.He Told Media That Vaani Has Gone Mad After Her Son’s Death.He Denied All The Accusation Of Vaani..
Here In University Pakhi Was Leaving For Home.She Checked Her Phone And Found Missed Calls From Her Mom.She Couldn’t Hear Because The Phone Was In Silent Mode.Suddenly Some People Blocked Her Path.Then Samar Came Out From The Car..
He Came Near Pakhi And Hold Her Hand.Pakhi Tried To Spray Pepper In His Eyes But He Took It And Threw Away..
Pakhi Calmed Down And Told Samar That Media Knows Everything.Samar Started Laughing And Replied Her That He’ll Not Hurt Her But His Boys Will “PLAY” With Her Friends..
Pakhi’s Friends Got Scare.Samar’s Goons Came Near Them.Suddenly Pakhi Took The Pepper Spray And Sprayed It On Samar&Goons.Then They Started Running.Goons Started Chasing Them..
Meanwhile Dev And Vaani Reached There.Vaani Went Near Samar And Started Confronting Him.Here Dev Went Behind Pakhi And Saved Her From The Goons..
Pakhi Returned To Her Mother With Dev.Samar Was Going To Beat Vaani But Dev Stopped Him.Samar Warned Him To Mind His Own Business.But Dev Was Not Moving..
Samar Told His Boys To Handle Dev.Then Dev Challenged Samar To Fight One-On-One.Samar Accepted The Challenge.Fight Started..

Dev Started Beating Samar Like Insane.Vaani Tried To Stop Them But Failed.Then Suddenly A Goon Attacked Dev From Behind..
Dev Started Smirking.He Told Samar That He Has Shown His True Color,”COWARD”.Samar Got Angry And Went To Beat Dev With An Weapon.But Pakhi Stopped Him..
Pakhi Told Samar That She Has Informed Media.But Samar Ignored Her.He Went Near To Dev But His Phone Rang..
It Was His Father RKT.He Told Samar To Return Home Now.Samar Was Frustrated.He Left The Place Immediately..
Dev Thanked Pakhi For Calling Media.But Told That She Lied,She Didn’t Call Anyone.Dev Was Dumbfounded..

Pakhi Returned To Home With Her Mother.Dev Followed Them.Nani Asked Them,Why They Got Late?And Who Is This Boy(Dev)?
Vaani Told Her Everything And Introduced Dev.Nani Thanked Him For Saving Pakhi.Dev Told Her That He Live In The Same Area.If They Got Any Problem,They Can Call Him..
Suddenly A Guy Told Dev That His Landlord Left For Village.So He Has To Pass The Night Somewhere Else..
Nani Told Dev To Sleep There Tonight.Dev Was Shy But He Agreed.Pakhi Was Annoyed With Nani’s Decision..

Precap: Dev Advised Pakhi To Stop Crying And Face The Challenge.If She Want To Take Revenge,She Has To Be More Strong.
Vaani Called RKT And Challenged Him That Soon He’ll Be Behind Bars And Also Warned Him,Not To Look At Her Family.RKT Was Super Angry..

Update Credit to: The_Dark_Knight

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