Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 20th February 2013 Written Update

the episode starts with shayali thanking Rajneesh for not telling everyone about her being at his place overnight and Rajneesh says he isnt as bad as shayali thinks him to be and respects Woman and and its protecting their honour wold be honorable for him…!
shayali says he isnt as bad as she had said him to be bu still says that he would loos and Nimai will get justice and Rajneesh questions how…as she isnt even allowed to go out of the house! she says court decides based on witness and confession…when she realises that Rajneesh was being sweet with her to get the truth out of her…and Rajnessh gets a hint what shayali might be up to.
RKT to hears the conversation is tensed but rajneesh says he would handle it and asks him to recall if he or samar

has ever confessed about thier crime at any point of time.

on the other hand Dev walking down the alley when some men sorround him, who turn out to be his sub-ordinate and dev orders them to take their positions and guard the family and house, as nothing can go wrong for the family!

Back at the tyagis place RKT, rajneesh samar shyamoli in conversation when shyamoli says it was the day when shayali had overheard some of their talks, she felt was odd. RKT recals about it and blames samar as him being good for nothing and that he had blurted out the details and would some day lead them to the gallows. samar doesnt like being blamed.

when Rajnesh is about to leave samar pursue him and says he does understand what Rajneesh is up to and he would never let him be successful in his motive! samar says rajnessh wants his position when rajneesh says he has always replaced samar’s place and now he has the responsibility to save samar’s neck. rajneesh further adds that samar should start preparations of the marraige however samar detrmined not to let the marraige happn.

Dev walks in late into the house when paakhi opens the door to himand questions why he is late…he gives out the true reason that he was ensuring their safety but paakhi mocks him (cute scene).

next day shayali is seen doing the aarti and praying for Nimai’s justice and punishment for Nimai’s murderers, and RKT aggravated!

outside the court hilarious scene of mami with sun-shades and some snatches away Vaani ji’s purse and runs off and dev immediately follow and after a little chase he gets the purse back and vaanji thanks him and was about to check on the proof when their lawyers interupts them and says they would be late so they should make a move immediately.

meanwhile rajneesh comes into shayali’s room to talk about their marraige and says she should just decide on the destination and he would ensure that they go their for their Honeymoon!

in the court Vaani ji’s lawyer makes and petetion to the judge to reopen the case on the basis of the video clip and the judge asks them to present the video. when they play the video its an entirely diffrent video wherein tyagis are portrayed as an embodiment of goodness, leaving Vaani ji paakhi shocked and disheartened and dev is confused, and sad too.

Precap: dev pursuing the man who had stolen the purse and beting him to get the truth out when he says he was asked to change the chip of the mobile.
and later Dev informing that he has spoken to the lawyer and they can reopen the case again without the video however they need the help of Shayali.

Update Credit to: Sanchu

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