Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 18th January 2013 Written Update

Samar and the inspector are in search of vani, vani picks up the mobile lying beside the slain assassin and begins to flee from the area …She is spotted by the corrupt inspector and samar who go in pursuit , Vani hides underneath the bank of bridge.

The search party moves away in frustration, Vani reaches the edges of the road wherein a school bus heads her way propitiously , Vani clambers on to the bus and makes her escape ..

Vani returns back to her home and is startled to find a crowd staring at her door, and her brother standing outside. A flustered and alarmed vani enters ushering in her brother only to be further horrified to encounter Tyagi there.

Tyagi coolly admits to killing Nimay to salvage his honor.Vani bravely takes him on and reminds him about law and Justice , An amused Tyagi retorts that in this city, only his writ runs .. Tyagi narrates how he killed Nimay , slowly tormenting Vani and his family by revealing how he was tortured , How he was made to die slowly, his life seeping away after enduring the agony for 3 hours!

The standoff ends with vani remaining unbowed by the might of Tyagi and a amused Tyagi walking off to his vehicle followed by his entourage.

Paki breaks down and rants against Tyagi, Nani shushes her and points out how none of the crowd stepped forward to help them against mighty Tyagi…

Just then ,a savior is shown arriving to the city * ARJUN BIJLANI ARRIVES*

The stranger * ARJUN BIJLANI * is on the terrace gargling when he spies Paakhi walking down on the strets, Holding the water in mouth…The Strangr rushes to catch a glimpse of her when the water spills out and drenches Paakhi, An angry Paakhi berates him while the stranger looks on comically shamefaced.

Update Credit to: tanthya

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