Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 18th February 2013 Written Update

the episode starts with Shayali questioning Rajneesh why he dared to touch her and shouts and abuses him and Rajneesh says he saved her life by his act! in the meantime his secretary comes in and informs there is someone people who have comes down to meet him and raajneesh aks shayali to go back to her room and remain quiet!…an angry shayali doesnt budge and so rajneesh drags her to the room and aks her to change and leave from there.
then the scene shifts to rajhaans house where dev and paakhi are cleaning the house after the celebration party…
and paakhi is naraz with dev for clicking her pictures and dev says he will delete them since paakhi is upset so that she is no more cross with him!
then nani comes and aks why paakhi isnt ready they should

go for jogging but paakhi declines…and dev says she should as the judge might come again…but paakhi says since they have proof to why rush…
but dev says if the judge is with them they will be sure about their win…
and says he has a good idea by which the judge will himself take interest in the case.

then they show paakhi sitting in the park with a placard in her hand stating she wants justice…and the judge comes jogging and dev enters he scene and draws the judges’ attention towards paakhi. paakhi explains what happens and dev says “yeh toh nainsaafi hui hai”…the judge listens to the case and agrees to help.
in the other hand Rajneesh is driving shayali to her home and when they reach tyagi mansion Samar and shyamoli questions shayali where was she all night, and shayali tries to go from there without answering but samar holds her back and is about to hit her when rajneesh catches hold of his hand and says he wouldnt tolerate anyone misbehaving with his to be wife.
the scene then shift again to the Rajhaans house where nani is making halwa and says nimai ko bahut pasand tha halwa and aks pakahi to call dev for breakfast…paakhi goes to call dev in the courtyard where Dev is deleting her pictures musing to himself…

he says that thanks god he is saved today because he probably was about to speak out something which is meant to be a secret in front of paakhi and judge when
paakhi comes there and thier usual talks and paakhi says they can be best friends and out of impulse they hug and both become uneasy when the realization strike them..
phir dev recieves a call and he goes into his room and locks the door and says “focus focus dev” “ok sir” “alright sir, i will be there”.
phir harbadi mein dev goes out with his luggage and vaani stops him but he says its urgent and he has to go…
and then dev is walking down the road and a car comes and stops by and he is made to sit inside the car, paakhi worried why he left so suddenly and calls him but his phone is snatched away by the men and they cover his face with black clot and drive away

and the next scene is when someone is shown to walk into the police headquarters and the comissioner welcomes him and it is revealed that it is inspector Dev Tripathy, undercover agent specially assigned to bring down the tyagis.
however the commissioner is cross with Dev since they believe he is not effieciently working but is getting over friendly with Paakhi and shows him the pictures clicked when they hugged. Dev assure he hasnt forgotten his duty and he would find proofs againt Tyagis soon, and takes his leave.
back at the Rajhaans house Dev comes back and seems upset with the meeting with PC refuses to have food, and paakhi teases him that he isnt hungry beacuse his boss fired at him and Dev seems flabbergasted with the remark, so he finally settles for food and dosent let Vaaniji serve him but says he would help himself.

Precap:: paakhi in dev’s room and his phone ringing and paakhi might take the call…

and later they show paakhi and Vaani with serious looks and dev says ap log mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho?

Update Credit to: Sanchu

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