Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 16th January 2013 Written Update

Episode Started In Temple.Vaani Told The Inspector To Sit Beside RKT&Samar.He Was Hesitating To Sit There.Then RKT Ordered Him To Sit Down..
After The Meal The Priest Told Vaani To Serve “Prasad”.Vaani Gave The Responsibility Of Serving To Pakhi.Pakhi Started Serving “Prasad”.When She Went Near Samar,He Refused To Take It And Stood Up..
Everyone Was Surprised.Vaani Asked Him,What Happened?Why He Don’t Want To Take “Prasad”?Samar Replied That Nimai’s Murderers Are Still Free.How Could He Take It Without Taking Revenge?RKT Also Stood Up And Supported His Son.He Said That He Also Can’t Take “Prasad”..
After Hearing Everything,Vaani&Pakhi Understood The Real Matter.Vaani Told RKT That Leaving The “Prasad” Unfinished Will Be An Insult Of Her Son.And No One Has Right To Insult Her Son.She Requested RKT To Take It.RKT&Samar Took “Prasad” From Pakhi..
The Function Was Ended.RKT Went Out Of Temple.But He Couldn’t Move Because The Rally Of “Maa” Already Arrived.There Was Lot Of People Outside The Temple.So RKT Entered In The Rally To Pass The Road..
When RKT Went Near The Idol Of “Maa’,The “Trishul” Displaced.It Was Coming Towards RKT But Vaani Caught It.Everyone Was Shocked.RKT Was Dumbfounded..

Dev Was There In The Rally.He Was Busy In Dancing,Singing..

In Tiyagi House.Sayali Was Checking The Blog,She Made For Nimai.Her Friends Were There Too.The Blog Crossed 1K Follower Mark And Many Peoples Were Commenting There.Sayali Became Happy To See This.Suddenly RKT Entered There.Everyone Left Then,Except Sayali..
RKT Asked Sayali,What Was She Doing In Computer?Sayali Explained Him The Blog Matter.She Also Told That Soon Media Will Be Involved In This Case..
RKT Became Restless.He Told Sayali,Not To Think Too Much.But Sayali Clearly Told That She’ll Not Calm Down Before Catching The Killers..
Here Inspector-Samar Was Planning To Kill Vaani.RKT Heard This From Behind.He Came In And Started Scolding Them.It’s Not Because They Were Planning To Kill Vaani,It’s Because They Left The Door Open.RKT Explained Samar That His Plans Are Never Foolproof.He Always Leave A Door Open..
Then RKT Told Inspector-Samar That It’s Enough Now.He Can’t Tolerate Vaani Anymore.He Ordered Them To End The Story Of Teacher Ji(Vaani).But Also Warned Them,Not To Make Any Mistake..
The Inspector Called Vaani From A Secluded Place And Told Her That Police Found The Murderer Of Nimai.Vaani Became Restless,She Asked Him The Location.Inspector Gave Address.Then He Cut The Phone And Started Smirking..
Vaani Was Going To Leave But Ammaji Stopped Her.She Told That She Can’t Allow Her To Go Outside At This Time..

Precap: Vaani Reached At The Place,Inspector Called Her.No One Was There.Samar Was Hiding Behind A Tree.He Pointed The Gun And Shot Vaani From Behind..

Update Credit to: The_Dark_Knight

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