Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 15th January 2013 Written Update

Episode Started In Temple.RKT&Samar Arrived There.Vaani Welcomed Them Inside.Pakhi Was Disturbed With Their Presence.Vaani Understood This And Tried To Keep Her Calmed..
Then Vaani Told The Priest To Start Main Rituals.Everyone Was Praying For Disembodied Soul.Suddenly Vaani Noticed That Samar Was Not Able To Concentrate In The Prayer Because Of A Strange Bright Coruscation.It Was Nothing But The Reflection Of Sunlight From Nimai’s Photo..
Vaani Took It As An Indication.RKT&Pakhi Noticed The Matter.RKT Told Samar To Sit Somewhere Else.
Samar Told RKT That He Can’t Tolerate This Drama Anymore.He Wants To Go Home.RKT Stopped Him.He Advised Samar To Control His Anger.Oneday,This Anger Will Destroy Him.Vaani&Pakhi Heard Their Conversation.
After Prayer,Meal Session Started.Priest Told Mamaji To Keep Nimai’s Food Behind The Temple.Mamaji Was Busy,So He Handed It Over To Vaani.She Went Behind And Placed The Plate Under The Banian Tree.Suddenly She Realized That She Left The Tumbler In Temple..
She Went Inside The Temple.RKT&Samar Was Standing In A Corner.She Requested Them To Take Their Respective Places And Enjoy The Food.At First They Hesitated But Later They Took Their Places..
Vaani Noticed That Pakhi Was Behaving Strangely.She Told Her That Nothing Is Confirmed Yet.They Have To Find Out The Truth At First.Then Ordered Her To Behave Normally And The Function Must Not Be Spoiled.
Then Vaani Went Behind The Temple With Tumbler.When She Reached There,She Was Shocked.Someone Was Eating Nimai’s Food.She Asked The Guy,Who Is He And Why He Is Eating Her Son’s Food?The Guy Turned Round..
He Introduced Himself.His Name Is Dev.He Came For Goddess Durga’s Blessing.He Was Very Hungry,So Ate The Food.He Requested Vaani To Forgive Him By Considering As Her Son.Then He Took Her Blessings And Left.Vaani Was Surprised With His Behavior And Felt A Strange Happiness..
Vaani Returned To The Temple.She Saw The Inspector Has Arrived Too.Ammaji Asked Vaani,Why She Invited This Stupid-Corrupted Guy?Vaani Told Her To Keep Calm.She’ll Tell Everything Later..
Vaani Welcomed The Inspector.She Told Him To Sit Beside RKT And Also Requested To Pray For Her Son.RKT,Samar,Inspector Was Feeling Awkward..

Precap: Same Yesterday Precap.Dev Was Dancing In The Rally.RKT&Vaani Was There Too.At Night RKT Ordered Samar To Finish The Story Of Teacherji(Vaani).

Update Credit to: The_Dark_Knight

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