Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 14th February 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Paakhi walking in the courtyard all lost in her thoughts. She hears some sound and turns around only to bump into Dev. Paakhi falls in his arms. She is about to scream but Dev says its me. Both share an eyelock. Dev asks what she is doing here. Paakhi says she was here for him.. Both of them have a cute nokh jhok. Dev looks dreamily at her. After a while, Paakhi tells him that she is sleepy and she has to go for morning walk with Nani Both turn to leave & again collide with each other.

RKT Mansion: Sayali is getting ready. She keeps on grumbling that she doesnt want to marry Rajneesh and that the wedding wont take place. Her maid praises Rajneesh. On the other hand, Raj reaches RKT Mansion and goes directly to Sayali’s room. Sayali asks

her maid to help her tie the dori of her dress. The maid begins to help but quietly goes away as Rajneesh enters. Sayali who is unaware of his presence keeps on grumbling. Rajneesh smirks when Sayali asks ‘the maid’ why she is quiet. He purposely pulls the dori tight. A furious Sayali turns with an intention of yelling at the maid but is stunned on seeing him. Raj tells her to get ready for shopping. Sayali refuses.

In the park, Paakhi & Naani are discussing about Vani’s birthday. Paakhi realises that Dev had lied about knowing Vani’s date of birth. Paakhi is annoyed. Nani advises her to take some rounds. Paakhi bumps into an old man. She quickly apologises. The man smiles and goes away in his car. Paakhi reads the board on the car and realises that he is the judge. Paakhi runs after the car but is of no use. Paakhi informs Nani.

In the car, Raj plays the music. Sayali says that its Nimai’s fav song. Dev and the rest of the family members are planning Vani’s bday party.

Rajneesh takes Sayali to his house and tells her to select any saree that she likes. Sayali refuses and both of them get into an argument. Raj accidently rips Sayali’s sleeve. He apologises and Sayali starts crying. He tells her to go upstairs and change. Sayali goes with tears in her eyes.

On entering the room, Sayali immediately calls up Vani. On the other side, Raj picks up the phone and hears their convo. He calls up RKT and informs him about Sayali-Vani convo regarding some new proofs. On sensing Sayali’s presence, Rajneesh disconnects the call. RKT looks on. Sayali asks Rajneesh to take her home. It starts lightening and thundering. Raj says that she cant leave in this weather. He tells her to take a good look at the house as very soon she will be staying here as his wife. He shows her their room and Sayali tells that she has always accepted Nimai as her husband and even after marriage she will do the same. Rajnesh says that atleast now she accepts that they will get married.


Update Credit to: PristineSoul

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