Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Kaali Ek Punar Avatar 11th January 2013 Written Update

Vani is walking on the street deep in reverie , the words of caution running through her mind as her she begins to recapitulate all the actions of Tyagi and also deriving new meaning from Inspector’s words.Vani begins to wonder at the powerful man who is behind the stalling of the case when Vani’s principal calls her up.

Tyagi descends in a huff from his car followed his loyal son who tries to pacify his father, He inadvertently blurts out that he will deal the Vani issue tactfully which is heard Sayali, who is puzzled by her brother’s words.

Vani’s principal reminds Vani about her prolonged absence and requests her to take classes for the pending syllabus as the School is running behind in fulfilling of the curriculum …

Paaki begins to get scared as she receives blank calls, just then she receives another blank call , As she replaces the handset, there is a knock on the door which sends her into a tizzy ..She screws her courage and asks for the identity of the person at th other side of the door and is relieed to hear that it is her Mama.. Mama senses her fears and queries the reason for the fear , when phone rings again..Mama understands the situation , attends the call and discovers that it is Vani on the other end .Vani informs Mama that she will be late and not to leave Paaki alone ..

Vani comes home and sees the Inspector awaiting her, Inspector Chauhan informs her that electricity has been restored when Vani insists that she wants to lodge a complaint against Chaturvedi, Inspector Chauhan with ulterior motive helpfully offers to help her and seeks the proof against Chaturvedi..Vani thinks it over, copies the proof onto her Mobile and hands over the Sim to the Inspector ..

Sayali is cooking Nimay’s favourite Sooji Halwa for the 13th day ceremony when she is disturbed by a commotion , Outside , Samar is beating up a man who has dared to come into the house asking for some monetary assistance..* appears to be involved in Nimay’s death*..Tyagi comes and sees the man , he gets angry and pushes him onto the ground and crushes him with his feet..

Vani is pondering over the recent events and begins to be certain that it is Tyagi’s behind the death of Nimay, An agitated Nani shushes Vani , reminds her of the previous time when Vani had mistaken Samar’s intention and had to retreat , Nani urges Vani to focus on the upcoming Nimay’s death Ceremony.

Vani vows to find the killer of Nimay while Tyagi cautions Samar and warns Samar not to take Vani Lightly…

Update Credit to: tanthya

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