KAALA TEEKA:Now & Then Intro


GUYS no1 has started a ff on this show n i wonder why is it so…
so,umm,i may not be so good in writing this fan fiction..n i will continue from the present scene itself…the only thing or i would say twist in this fan fiction will be that wontt go according to me but would go according to us..so that we could get the best fiction and story until kayu love story begins…

so first of all in this part i am not writing anything but i would like if u gus could give a suggestion in the comments column so we can proceed to make it the best fan fiction for fans…i could have write my own khayali pulao in it bt i might not have been liked by all of us…


what do u guys say


Credit to: NO NAME(FAN)

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  1. hey dear , actually i don’t watch the show now , you know i am totally mad after fenil (your guari) and i don’t want to see her in negative role because i know she may not be as bad now but in future they may turn her into a complete vamp , but yaa i saw the starting after the leap and liked the pair Kayu very much specially those scenes where kali dressed in colourful dress and yug praised her…… ok much of my blabbering but i just want that please don’t make guari negative and show us that how kali and gauri face problems together and find their love…… though i know kali is main lead so you can give more importance to her but please no guari negative and introduce parth samthan as her hero(totally mad about my lovely sanvi) please its my request ….i ‘ll read you ff as far as guari is positive …i know it sounds rude but still please cosider my request ,please dear…..

    1. I also agree with piya… Don’t turn gauri into negative role. She is not that much cheap. She always supported kali. ?

    2. Lol piya i cannot ask parth to please be a part of my ff

  2. Hey i m waiting for ur fan fiction eagerly n yup as pia said no negative role for gauri plz yar bt if story demands than too i ensure you i will stop reading cz dis is the only show that i watch…Al d best for ur ff….

  3. Let FATARJO write…m not writing

    1. No dear u also continue
      Let Joyeeee also write a FF
      I will be happy if u both will write it

    2. Hey u also can write ff dr…there is no limit for u. Just write ur ff and submit it. We will read and comment. As I said already don’t bring gauri into a negative role. Just write ?

      1. i feel none of the fans will put gauri in negative in their mind ff of the show except the cv’s of the show..cuz gauri is good with kaali amongst all her family member n she cares..infact she wouldnt have had feelings for him if she wud have known kaali likes him

        i just wish the real track show us something out of the box , unexpected and nice unlike other show..like yug n kaali fight against others or gauri is why they be together

  4. I’m also agreeing with everyone…. Please don’t make gauri into negative… Bring another lead character for gauri please..YUG AND KAALI ARE PERFECT…it’ll nice if Gauri help kaali to marry Yug.

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