kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 9) ( mahasangam)

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Episode – 9
Gauri and nysha are chatting when gauri suddenly gauri faints.
NYSHA-what happened to u gauri ?
She sprinkles water on her face but she does not gain consiousness. Nysha calls and tells to vishwa. Vishwa says to take her to the hospital. They reach the hospital. After the checkup the doctor tells the nurse to shift gauri to the i.c.u.
VISHWA-what happened to my princess ?
DOCTOR-she has a serious illness.
NYSHA-is there no way to cure her.
DOCTOR-the medicine we need is not available at present. It will take two to three days for the medicine to reach here. If the patient becomes critical in the mean time i’m sorry we will not be able to save her. So just pray to god that she should not become critical.
Vishwa talks about it to prohit.

VISHWA- is there no way to save gauri?
PROHIT-only one way is there. We have to do nazar utaarna of gauri. For that we have to find somebody who will become the kaala teeka of gauri and that person’s kundli should be very good.
Vishwa searches. But he does not find anybody. He informs this to prohit. Nysha walking by listens to it. After a long time nysha goes to vishwa.
NYSHA-papa i wanted to tell u something.
VISHWA-yes beta tell me. But be quick i have got lots of work to be done.
NYSHA(takes a deep breath)-papa i will become the kaala teeka of gauri.
Vishwa gets shocked.
VISHWA-no this can’t happen. I can’t put my one daughter’s life in danger for another.
NYSHA-but u will destroy somebody’s life. So instead of somebody i will become the kaala teeka of my sister gauri.
Vishwa hesitantly complies to it.

Vishwa gives black dress to nysha.
VISHWA-please think for one more time.

NYSHA- i am ready to do anything for my sister’s life.
Vishwa checks nysha’s kundli once again. And then he starts the rituals of making nysha as a kaala teeka. He then changes her name as kaali. He then takes her to the hospital.
MADHURI- nysha why r u wearing black dress u never liked it.
KAALI-my name is kaali and i am the kaala teeka of gauri.
All r shocked.

PRECAP:manjiri gains consiousness.

Thanks all of u for ur support. Hope u liked it.

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  1. I feel bad for Gauri and finally manji back from comma

  2. A very good ff liked it very much.

  3. A very good ff liked it very much . Saasha your ff is really very good .Please don’t stop publishing it and please publish one every day. It is very interesting

  4. It rocks u nailedit uodate 10 Epi soon…bt nw i knw who r u pairing..maybe Thts why u named it mahasangam…n actually it wud be better if u give a little longer update.. u know, dil nhi maanta

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