kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 8)


Hey guys. Thanks to all the silent readers. I am planning to stop my ff cause i think its boring.

Episode – 8

Neelu is talking on the phone. He collides with sharmila.
SHARMILA – can’t u see and walk?
NEELU – sorry sorry i’m very very sorry.
SHARMILA- that’s okay.
They both go .
In the college yug and nysha are sitting next to next in canteen. Nysha completes her meals and goes to her class. Yug runs behind her and he asks her to stop.
YUG-hey ziddi queen may i knw y u fainted yesterday?
NYSHA-mr.angrybird its none of ur business.
YUG-pls pls tell me .
NYSHA-ok my mom got hurt and she is in i.c.u.
Yug sees a cockroach and he shouts cockroach. Nysha is afraid of cockroaches she runs and hugs yug.
NYSHA- pls pls make that cock cock cockroach go away.
YUG- oho ziddi queen u afraid of cockroaches. Ha ha ha.
Yug shoos away that cockroach. And he continues to laugh. Gauri watches all this and she gets angry.

At yug’s house leela looks at vishwa’s family photo and burns it.
LEELA-i will destroy u and ur family. For that i will do anything. It will be a great pleasure to see ur house burning exactly how this picture of yours is burning.
CHULBUL-maa ji something is burning. Smell is coming frm ur room.
LEELA- nothing u go from here.

PRECAP: the next episode will be a mahasangam.

Thanks to all who read my ff.

Credit to: Saasha

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  1. nice episode…u should not stop until the end xD
    n keep on updating regularly…its fun to read

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