kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 7)


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Episode -7


Manjiri is still in i.c.u. Nysha and gauri are in college. Nysha is lost in her thoughts when she collides with yug and is about to fall when he holds her. They both share an eyelock. Sajna plays. Gauri gets irked seeing this. She interuppts them.
GAURI-r u alright?
YUG-ziddi queen u always keep falling down.
NYSHA- toh mr.angrybird u only knw to get angry.
YUG- my name is yug chaudhary.
NYSHA-then my name is ny……
When she is about to tell her name she gets neelu’s call to bring his project papers wich is with nysha. She says ok and goes to give them.

All are worried for manjiri who is still in i.c.u. Vishwa thinks how could nysha’s blood match with manjiri.
VISHWA(in mind) -it must be from the genetics of nysha’s real parents because nysha is not our real daughter.
MADHURI-darling ji where r u lost?
VISHWA-kuch nahi.

PRECAP:Nysha hugs yug.

Credit to: Saasha

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