kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 6)


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Episode – 6

Some guests come to Vishwa’s house.
VISHWA- manjiri please bring that black box.
MANJIRI-ji achariji.
Manjiri is standing on a stool to the box when she slips and get hurt in her head. She faints.
VISHWA-what’s taking so long for her. Madhuri go and check what she is doing.
Madhuri comes near the room.
MADHURI-manjiri di darling ji aapko bula rahe hai.
She sees manjiri lying down with full face covered with blood.
MADHURI-darling ji .(she shouts ).
Vishwa runs and come. He is shell shocked to see manjiri lying down with blood.
VISHWA- somebody call for the ambulance.
They take manjiri to the hospital.

Yug is in the same class where nysha and gauri are. Nysha and gauri talk about their project when Nysha gets a call and she faints.
GAURI-nysha what happened to u!!!. Somebody give water.
Nysha gains consiousness.
NYSHA-gauri come quickly with me.
They both reach the hospital.
NYSHA-excuse me madam just now a patient named manjiri jha was admitted. Could u please tell me where her ward is?
RECEPTIONIST-first floor right side room no.27.
NYSHA-thank u madam.
GAURI-could u please tell me what happened to manji maa.
NYSHA-I don’t know. I got call from prohit ji saying manji maa has a serious injury.
They both reach the i.c.u.
VISHWA-beta manjiri fell from the stool and she was fully covered with blood.
NYSHA- nothing will happen to my manji ma.
Doctor does the checkup.
DOCTOR- we immediately need “o” positive blood. She has lost a huge amount of blood which may lead to some serious injury. The blood type we need is very rare type.
NYSHA-doctor how do we get that blood now?
DOCTOR-the blood bank doesn’t have that blood now. So we need to take your family’s blood test to check if somebody has got that blood.
The nurse takes blood test of everybody. Nysha’s blood matches with manjiri. Nysha donates her blood .

PRECAP : Yug holds nysha. Sajna plays.

Guys ur confusions will get cleared after my tenth episode.

Credit to: Saasha

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