kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 5)

Hello evrybdy it’s me saasha again back with another episode. So let’s start.

Episode – 5


Nysha and Gauri are walking towards their class. As both r walking
NYSHA – I’ll just go to washroom , you wait here.
Yug is also in the same corridor. He is running to his class when he collides with gauri. Both fall. Yug is on top of gauri. Sanam re plays.
GAURI- mr.angrybird you!!
YUG- hey i told u i am not mr.angrybird, my name is Yug.
GAURI- I am sorry by the way myself Gauri , Gauri Jha.
YUG- k bye i’m getting late fr my class.
Nysha returns and gauri and nysha walk towards their class.

Leela is looking for a bride for yug. She selects 10 girls.
LEELA- chulbul come here and see the girls i’ve selected for yug.
CHULBUL – ji .
After a long time they both select a girl’s photo.
CHULBUL-ye ladki tikh rahegi hamarey yug ke liye.
LEELA- tikh kaha tumne.

PRECAP : Manjiri is in hospital.

Guys i feel my ff is boring and if u do the same please comment. I wont feel bad but if u guys dont share ur opinion i will surely feel bad. So pls pls pls comment. Alishaa ur doubts will get cleared after my tenth episode.

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  1. i am sorry i am posting short episodes . By the way i am planning to stop my ff , compared to other ff’s mine is very short and boring.

  2. Please keep nysha n yug…cuz i connect nysha with kaali

    1. U will soon know evrything. Thanks fr commenting

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