kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 42)


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Episode – 42

Few months pass. Manjiri and vishwa come to meet kali. Kali goes to kitchen to bring some snacks for them. She gets dizzy.
KALI – Oho …. Isliye hi yug hamesha kehta hai ki breakfast skip mat karo. But I never listen to him.
She goes out and chats with vishwa and manjiri.
KALI – Why sudden visit?
MANJIRI – Aisha is getting married.
KALI – What!!! U never told me? I am ur daughter.
VISHWA – I told to keep this as a surprise for u…
KALI – Papa!! By the way who is the lucky guy?
MANJIRI – His name is ayan. It seems this is also a love marriage.
KALI- Oh finally miss cupid fell in love.

Vishwa gives leela the wedding card and leaves.
KALI – Dadi I am not feeling well from morning. Shall I rest?
LEELA- What happened?
KALI – severe headache.
LEELA – Ok u go and take some rest.
That night yug returned home. Kali serves him dinner. She goes to kitchen to get water. While returning she gets dizzy and faints.
All rush to her. Doctor arrives. After half an hour.
DOCTOR – Mr. yug congrats u r going to become father soon.
YUG – Seriously!!! OMG!!!
His happiness knew no bounds.

It is kali’s fourth month gauri comes there with aman and a baby in her arms.
KALI – Hey gauri!! Long time no see.
GAURI – Oh kaliwas busy with her.
KALI – Wanted to ask u, what is the name of the baby?
Kali is stunned. She gets teary eyed. Gauri smiles seeing her.
GAURI – Don’t get too senti.
AMAN –I think its time we leave gauri.
Gauri hug kali and leaves.
Kali is now 6 months pregnant. She along with yug come for a stroll in the beach.
KALI – I can’t walk anymore.
YUG – It is good for the baby.
KALI – No I can’t.
Yug lifts her in his arms. Kali smiles.

Its kali’s 9th month. She is cleaning the bed. Suddenly she shouts.
KALI – YUG!!! YUG!!! Ah!!!
Yug rushes to her. They take her to hospital. Doctor comes out after half an hour.
DOCTOR – Its twins.
Yug was on cloud9. He rushed in to see his babies.
KALI – Ladka tumhara. Ladki meri.
YUG – No they both are mine.
They share a smile.
YUG – What shall we name them?
KALI – Raihab and sharica.
YUG – great names.

After 5 years. Yug is sleeping. Two children come and hit him with pillow.
YUG – Raihab sharica I need some sleep. Go.
They again hit him with pillow. This time yug grabs a pillow and hits them. Just then kali comes.
KALI – If this place becomes a mess u three will clean it.
Yug pulls her.
YUG – Our villain came!! ATTACK HER!!
The trio hit kali with pillow. Kali gets feathers all over her. The four share a hearty laugh.
RAIHAB – Ma I wanted to ask u a question. Does the kaala teeka have a story? Like from how it originated or any famous tales related to it?
SHARICA – Yes maa. Tell na.
KALI- No I don’t know. But I know that KAALA TEEKA always bring an UNUSUAL STORY along with it.

So guys I am finished. Now u guys might be having a doubt how did leela come here. She got released from jail and she became a positive character. And for the names of the children they are that compilation of the names of my favourite on-screen jodi. Like
RAIHAB= RAINA+RISHAB [ from the serial brahmarakshas ] SHARICA= SHAHEER+ERICA [ from the serial kuch rang pyar ke. Btw this is the combination of their real name. In serial it is dev and sona ] Very soon I’ll post the fs. And I’ll reply to ur comments in the commenting section. And guys as this is the last epi COMMENT TOH BANTA HAI.

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