kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 41)


Hello everybody. Here comes the next episode. So let’s start…..

Episode – 41

The preparations are full on swing. A wedding planner is hired. Yug is busy chatting with his friends. Neelu and kali are writing names on wedding cards. Vishwa sets out to distribute them. Manjiri and madhuri are making laddoos. Kali comes there.
KALI – Manji ma and badi ma why are you guys doing all the work? We’ll hire somebody. And making 1000 laddoos is not a game.
MADHURI – But kali the real taste comes from the the sweetness of our hands.
MANJIRI – Yes kali.
KALI – Then I’ll also help.
GAURI – U guys forgot me.
AISHA – Then what about me?
MANJIRI – Nahi sona. Come and join us.
Manjiri, madhuri, aisha and gauri are making laddoos while neelu and kali are packing them. After 2 hours.
KALI – Hogaya. 1000 laddoos mission accomplished.
MANJIRI – But still 7 laddoos are left.
AISHA – Toh when will our stomack be useful? Huh…
Neelu grabs one laddoo and pops it into his mouth. All have one laddoo each. Vishwa enters. Gauri aisha and kali take the last laddoo and stuff it in his mouth.
VISHWA – What is this?
GAURI, AISHA, KALI – This is for the best papa in the world.
They all laugh. Vishwa hugs them.

It’s the marriage day. All the brides and grooms are getting ready. Aisha is running with a tray full of flower petals. She collides with a boy. The boy holds her. Flower petals fall on them. Sanam re plays. They both compose themselves.
Boy – no problem.
AISHA- BTW Myself aisha.
BOY – Myself ayan.
AISHA – Nice meeting u.
Aisha leaves. Ayan [ consider ayan as shaheer shiek ] smiles. The pandit calls the grooms and the brides. They all arrive. They sit down. Pandit reads the mantra. Manjiri does the ghatbandhan of the three couples. They stand for pheras and complete it. They make each other wear the varmalas. Yug makes kali wear mangalsutra and applies sinddor on her forehead. Aman does the same to gauri and neelu to sharmila.
PANDIT – Now u r husband and wife. Take blessings of elders.
They take blessings of everybody. Kali and yug go to aisha and touch her feet. Aisha is stunned.
KALI – For me u sacrificed everything. Love you aisha.
Aisha gets emotional seeing her. She hugs kali. All the sisters share a hug. Aman clicks their photo. All smile. All the brides bid a tearful goodbye and leave with their husbands to their sasurals.

In yug’s room, kali is sitting on the bed with face covered with gunghat. Yug comes.
YUG – Oi kali itni bhi sanskaari mat bano.
KALI – I am sanskaari.
YUG – Oho.
He goes near kali and removes the gunghat. Kali gets nervous. They bring their relation to the next level…….

PRECAP : Suspense….

Hope u guys like it. I am caged in my house due to our chief minister’s death. So I’ll be free for two more days and I’ll try to update as much as possible……. Guys ur comments please…

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