kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 4)

hey everybody. I’m back with another epi of my ff. Thanks Fatarajo for the comment. I felt very happy. Thank u so much.

Episode – 4


Yug and Nysha are still fighting.
YUG- ok call me whatever u want ziddi queen.
NYSHA- don’t call me ziddi queen.
YUG- first u stop calling me mr.angrybird.
GAURI- why r u fighting with him. Just leave him and come let’s go to the college.
Nysha and Gauri are walking towards their class when suddenly they collide with Sharmila.
GAURI- hey i’m sorry.
NYSHA- hey sharmila what r u doing here?
SHARMILA- hi Nysha and Gauri. I recently joined this college even my brother is studying in the same college. I missed u guys alot. After that incident we shifted our house . Now my brother wanted to study only in this college so we again shifted our house here in Mithla.
A flashback is shown where the trio nysha ,gauri and sharmila are playing . They were the best friends in their school. One day while playing sharmila falls from the staircase and gets hit in her head. Leela thought that it was nysha and gauri who pushed sharmila and scolds them and is about to slap nysha, when Vishwa holds her hand. Both cry and run to Vishwa. And hence the friendship between the two families ended. The fb ends.
NYSHA- just forget evrything . Let’s start a new friendship.


Vishwa comes down for lunch . When he gets a call and is so shocked to react.

MADHURI- darling ji , kya hua?
MANJIRI- achariji , kya hua aapko ?
VISHWA- hamare business may 50 lakh ka loss hua hai.
KALYANI- devar ji aap fikr na kariyo ramji sab sambhalengey.
Manjiri goes and prays for the well being of her family.

PRECAP: Gauri and Yug fall on each other.

guys if there is anything u don’t like please tell me i would make the changes. And please do comment.

Credit to: saasha


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