kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 39)

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Episode – 39
After a few weeks vishwa and raghu are finding dates for neelu and sharmila’s marriage.
VISHWA- So its confirmed marriage on 25 july and engagement on 4 july.
RAGHU- I have no problem.
They both smile.
It’s 4 july all r getting ready for engagement. Kaali choose a black anarkali. Gauri comes with a cover in her hand.
GAURI- Kali u won’t wear that dress u will wear this gown.
Kaali looks on.
KAALI- Thanq gauri.
GAURI- And yes nor r u my kaala teeka nor will u wear any black dress.
Gauri smiles and hugs her. She leaves. Kaali wears that dress and come out. All r staring at kaali. The rituals start. Neelu and sharmila make each other wear rings.
GAURI- Ladies and gentlemen my bro got engaged so dance toh banti hai. Music…
Bhangda pa plays. All dance except kaali as shr is wearing gown. As she walks she trips and falls. She shout in pain.
MANJIRI- Kali!!! R u alright???
KAALI- Ma it’s paining alot.
Yug takes her in his arms and goes to her room. Salamat plays. Doctor checks her.
DOCTOR- It’s a normal sprain she will get well soon.
Doctor leaves.

Aisha is cutiing apples for kaali sitting next to her.
KAALI- Aisha I want to tell u somrthing.
AISHA – Proceedings
KAALI- I love somebody.
AISHA- ok so what??
She resumes her work.
AISHA- Wait what?? U love somebody???
AISHA – Who is it???
KAALI- It is yug chaudhary.
AISHA- What??? Doez mom know about it??
AISHA – I’ll tell her immediately.
She runs from there.
KAALI- Aisha!!!!!!
After some time manjiri and aisha come.
MANJIRI- Is it true???
KAALI- Yes. But maa…
AISHA- Dekho maa yeh wahi ladki hai jisne mere hone wale pati ko cheen liya.
KAALI- Aisha I will kill u!!!
Manjiri leaves. After few minutes vishwa asks everybody to come down. All come down.
VISHWA- Along with neelu’s maariage another marriage will happen.
GAURI- Whose??
VISHWA- Yug’s and kali’s….
All r shocked.
KAALI- Shotti papa????
VISHWA- What??
KAALI- Being with this duffer aisha i too got a hang of benagali.
VISHWA- Yes. It is true aisha has no problem with this.
Kaali hugs vishwa and aisha.

Vishwa calls raghu and tells everything.
RAGHU- I’ll talk and tell.
He keeps the call.
RAGHU- Yug!!!! Yug!!!
Yug comes.
RAGHU- Do u love kaali??
YUG- What???
RAGHU- Answer my ques.
YUG- Yes papa.
RAGHU- Then get ready ur engagement with her will be tomorrow.
YUG- What??
RAGHU- Yes!!! Aisha has no problem with it..
Yug hug raghu.

PRECAP : Yug and kaali’s engagement…..

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