kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 38)

Hello. Saasha here. So before starting i’ll give two news first my ff will be ending very soon and secondly i’ll be writing an os as soon as I finish my ff…. Hope u guys like… And I would like to know the funniest time of ur life cause I want to interact with u guys always starting like hello, let’s start and etc it is sooo boring so i thought of knowing about ur funniest time of ur life…,???????


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Episode – 38
The episode starts with kaali about to light the real bomb. Gauri runs and takes and throws the bomb.
GAURI- U alright???
KAALI- Yeah but y did u throw the cracker?????
GAURI- That was a real bomb.
KAALI- How do u know?
GAURI- Rachna told me she saw kalyani taiji putting the bomb in the crackers box.
Kalyani tries to move back but rachna comes and blocks her way. Kalyani turns and finds her only to get shocked.
KALYANI- Tum????
A flashback is shown
Kalyani is contacting one of her spies.
KALYANI- Did u get info about aisha?
SPY- yes i have sent u her image how she looks at present and she is living here in mithila.
She sees the pic.
KALYANI- Lookin very beautiful but don’t worry u’ll die soon.
Fb ends.
RACHNA- y shouldn’t I be here??
All turn towards the duo. Manjiri gets happy seeing her.
AISHA- Y r u shocked? U always tried to kill my family but i won’t leave u this time. Yes I am the same aisha who disappeared 13 years ago.
She tells everything to vishwa. Vishwa slaps kalyani. Police arrives.
AISHA- I called them. Police arrest her.
The police arrests kalyani. Manjiri hugs aisha.
MANJIRI- I knew u were alive. My daughter aisha.
AISHA- Amake shama kara.
AISHA- Oh!!! I meant please forgive me. Being with that family i have learnt bengali so i might speak bengali at times.
All laugh.

At the courtroom all are present. Kalyani accepts her crimes. The judge is about to give his statement.
YUG- Excuse me I have something to say.
JUDGE- Come to the witness box.
YUG- I am yug chaudhary. I have some info about this case. Along with kalyani jha leela chaudhary is also culprit. She helped kalyani in all her crimes.
Police takes leela to the culprit box and makes her stand next to kalyani. Leela also accepts her crimes.
JUDGE- I declare 5 years jail and rs. 50000 to kalyani jha under the charges of criminal conspiracies and attempt to murder. Leela chaudhary gets 2 years jail and upto rs.10000 fine under the charges of assiting the culprit in all the crimes.
Kalyani gives an angry look to yug kaali and aisha. Polices takes her from there.

PRECAP : Neelu and sharmila’s engagement.

Hope u liked it… Do drop ur comments and suggestions. Slippers rotten tomatoes eggs all r accepted whole heartedly????????

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