kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 37)

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Episode – 37
After a week everything goes wrong with gauri. She messes her room in anger. Vishwa sees this.
VISHWA- Remember gauri you have broken a valuable relation and this is the punishment for you.
GAURI- Papa!!!
VISHWA- Go search and bring back manjiri and kaali back to home until then I will not talk with you.
Gauri storms out in anger. She later goes in search of kaali. After a few hours she finds their house.
She sees manjiri.

GAURI- Manji maa!!!
Manjiri turns.
MANJIRI- Gauri!!!!
Gauri runs and hugs her and cries.
GAURI- Manji maa!! What to do? I used to love kaali as my own sister. But I don’t know what happened to me. I love a boy named Yug and whenever I see kaali with him I get irked. Slowly this turned into hatred. Tell me what to do?
Manjiri consoles her.

MANJIRI- Gauri sona you did a mistake by saying kali as a kaala teeka. She is the one who sacrificed her identity to make your identity. Then how could you even say such a thing about her? Isn’t she a human? I couldn’t another word that could hurt my daughter so I slapped. You have insulted my daughter very much. I need you to ask sorry to her.

Kaali overhears everything. She enters the room with tears rolling down her cheek. Gauri rushes to her and begs for forgiveness.
KAALI- No gauri don’t cry in front of me please I have never seen you crying. So don’t cry and I accept your apology.
GAURI- Kaali you are my sister and will always be no matter what.
They both hug. Manjiri gets happy seeing them. Gauri takes them back to home and does their aarti.

Everybody get ready early in the morning next day.
KAALI- Yay!!! It’s diwali. I am soo happy.
All are looking dazzling. Kalyani puts a real bomb in the crackers box. All are happy bursting the crackers. Kaali is about to light the real bomb.

PRECAP : Kalyani gets exposed…

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