kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 36)

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Episode – 36
Kaali wakes up from her sleep sees the calendar and starts jumping. Manjiri gets disturbed by this.
MANJIRI- Kali what happened? Y r u jumping?
KAALI- Manji maa it’s gauri’s b’day.
MANJIRI- Oh yes!! How could i be soo forgetful? Btw the time is only 7:00 am we’ll make all the preparations before gauri wakes up.
Kaali freshens up. She goes to gauri’s room and decorates it. Later she rushes to a nearby bakery and buys the biggest and the most decorated cake. She arranges everything and vishwa gets happy seeing kaali. Gauri wakes up and sees her room decorated and smiles. She freshens up and rushes down. All shout happy b’day gauri. She sees the cake and jumps.
GAURI- WOW!! It’s soo wonderful. I love it. Shall i cut it?
VISHWA- Of course my princess.
She cuts the cake and feeds the first piece to vishwa and next one to manjiri. Kaali comes and tries to feed but gauri shoves her hand.
GAURI- I don’t eat things from a servant or somebody low from my status.
All r shocked.
MANJIRI- Gauri don’t talk like this.
GAURI- Oh please manji ma you’ll always support her I know that.
VISHWA- Gauri is this the way u talk to ur elders?
GAURI- U too papa I just hate it.
KAALI- Gauri y do u say I am not of ur status? What did I do? Y r u saying like this?
GAURI- Just because u are my KAALA TEEKA.
Manjiri gets angry and slaps her. In turn gauri to slaps manjiri. All are damn shocked. Kaali is so enraged she gives a tight slap across gauri’s face. Gauri’s is so angry.

GAURI- How dare you slap me? Gauri jha?
KAALI- And you dare slap my mom!!
Manjiri is in tears.
KAALI- You won’t understand someone’s value until they are not with you.
GAURI- I don’t need you nor your manji ma. Just get lost out of my sight.
KAALI- I challenge you within next two weeks you’ll come running to me.
She packs all her bags and takes manjiri’s hand and leaves from there. Neel watches them helplessly. Kalyani smirks. She runs to her room and locks the door and calls leela.
KALYNAI- Meri behna. No need for your plan as everything over here is getting better.
She tells everything to leela. Leela smiles.

The next day gauri is seen packing her bags for college.
GAURI- Kaali take and give me that books.
She realizes kaali is not there.
GAURI- Oh jeez!! Why will Gauri Jha need her help.
At the same time a small room is shown. Manjiri is cleaning the house. She freshens up and goes to the temple.
MANJIRI- O ramji!!!!! Please let my family unite once again. Please. My daughter is working full day to save money please help her.
Kaali is shown working as a manager. She is wearing a black coat along with white shirt ,black pant and black heel.
ANONYMOUS- Hey kaali.
KAALI- Hey anjali.
ANJALI- Finished the work boss gave u?
KAALI- Half is completed will complete by today evening.
A bell rings.
KAALI- Oh gosh!! Boss is calling. Wait here.
She goes and coms with her hand full of files.
KAALI- No wonder working is a tough job.
It’s nearly 5:00 pm kaali is leaving her office. Yug is on the same road. He sees kaali and gets mesmerised by seein her beauty.
YUG- Kali!!!
Kaali turns to find yug. She runs and hugs him. Jab tak plays.
YUG- I tried to contact you from yesterday where were you?
Kaali tells him everything. Kaali is in tears.
KAALI- Thank god!!! One of my friend works here and she got me a job. The interviewer like my interview and gave me a post as manager.
YUG- Y do u have to suffer all the time?
KAALI- just leave all those talks.
YUG- I love u.
KAALI- I love you too.
She hugs him and cries.

PRECAP : Gauri messes her room in anger.

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