kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 35)

myself back… so lets start…
Aisha tells everything about kalyani.

SUMAN- u r right di sabr ka phal meetha hota hai I wait fr ur comments. And thank di because of u I got another comment… Thanq soooo much.
AYESHU- oh great u too hate this show. I too hate it. Btw thanks fr commenting. One last question where r u from?
MRS.BAIG- oh i am sorry i don’t know the answer to ur question but pls try to comment.
MADHUSHREE MANDAL: thanq di fr commenting.

Episode – 35
Kaali is shocked to know about yug’s grandmom. She is lost in her thoughts when someone suddenly pulls her. It turns out to be yug.
YUG- Hey kali I want to tell u something…
KAALI- Tell but first y did u pull me like this it hurts….
YUG- no time fr that. Listen I heard my grandmom speakin to somebody that she wants gauri dead by tonight 7:00 pm pls go and save her only 45 minutes are left.
Kaali gets tensed and run towards her house. When she reaches home she doesn’t find gauri anywhere and she rushes to vishwa.
KAALI- Papa gauri kahan hai?
VISHWA- She just went out but y r u asking about her?
Kaali tells everything to vishwa. He calls the driver kali and vishwa r about to leave when manjiri comes there and questions them. Kaali tells everything to manjiri. She also joins them. The trio leave.
VISHWA- take us near gv studios?
They reach the destination. They spot gauri and when they r nearing her a man shoots the bullet at the nick of time aisha pulls gauri.
They rush to gauri and aisha.
MANJIRI- R u both all right?
GAURI- what the hell happened here?
KAALI- somebody tried to kill u but rachna saved u.
GAURI- thank u so much. R u all right?
RACHNA- Yes. I’ll take a leave my family must be waitin fr me. Bye take care.
All leave fr their respective house.

LEELA- hello kalyani di I don’t know how the chaudhary’s got to know about my plant but don’t worry I have made a solid plan and that plan will be started from and ended by yug. Now see how i make this marriage of yug as my weapon.
Leela tells kalyani something. Kalyani laughs hysterically.

PRECAP : Kaali slaps gauri tight across her face.

Guys I am happy that atleast few people like my ff so I will not end it. And I might mostly update only on sundays and saturdays.

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