kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 34)


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This episode starts with aisha’s tensed face.
KAALI- I asked u what is keeping away from us?
Aisha starts to stammer.
KAALI- Aisha u never hid anything from me right? so tell me now.
AISHA- u remember when i met with an accident it was not an accident it was a well planned attempt to kill me. the person who did this wanted revenge from papa. That person’s plan failed when u guys saved me. While in the hospital that person again tried to kill me but i gained consiousness and somehow escaped from there. While i was in road i fainted when i opened my eyes the family with whom i am staying right now had given me shelter.
Kaali is shocked.
KAALI- Aisha who is that person?
AISHA- that person is kalyani taiji!!!!!!
Kaali’s eyes widen.
KAALI- But y would she do that?
AISHA- To seek revenge from our papa. I got to know that kalyani taiji’s husband used to work with our papa. Due to a misunderstanding papa had humiliated and insulted taiji’s husband so much that he committed suicide. Papa felt that there is no mistake of taiji so he brought her back to home. Taiji swore that she would take revnge of her husband’s death. She along with her sister did this.
KAALI- may i know who is her sister until i know all her brothers and sisters died in an accident.
AISHA- Leela chaudhary yug chaudhary’s grandmom. She didnot die in that accident.
Kaali is shocked.

Kalyani calls leela.
KALYANI- Meri behna! it’s days since i have spken to u. The last plan was flop what have u thought for the next plan.
LEELA- didi don’t worry i have made a solid plan. Ok bye my family members are coming.
She cuts the call.

PRECAP : Yug tells kaali something. She runs. kalyani laughs hysterically.

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  3. Hi guys, can i ask a question i have heard that tara hd is going to replace zee so do anyone know is zee drama also on air in zee or tara hd. Today is last day of zee chanel

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