kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 33)


Hey. I am sorry I knw u guys r extremely angry at me. I had exams sooo sorry fr late update. Actually I feel my ff is soo borin because actually I used to wait for fatarajo di’s ff and after reading it there would always be a smile on face but I don’t u guys have that kinda feel towards my ff. The reasons are listed below:

Recap of previous episode:
Leela finalises neelu. Yug takes kali to some romantic place.

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Episode – 33
Kaali is waiting for yug. He comes with a choco truffle. In the cake it is written :
Luv u my seeta.
Kaali smiles seeing the cake. Yug cuts the cake cake holding kali’s hand. They look into each others eyes. Kaun tujhe yun pyaar plays. They break their eyelock. Yug takes the first piece and feeds it to kali. She even feeds him.
YUG-kali I have a doubt when u were in college u wore colourful dress and then suddenly discontinued ur studies and from that time u only wear black dress. May I know y?
KAALI-oh its u know I tell u the truth. I can’t hide anymore.
YUG- what truth?
KAALI- when I was born I was abandoned by my parents and papa saw my father burying me he took me out from that ground. He and manji maa gave me all the love I required. They never let me feel I was not a part of this family. But in an accident my sisyer gauri got seriously injured. My papa thought to search for somebody with a good kundli as kaala teeka for gauri. My kundli matched and I was in a confused state of mind. I didn’t know what to do and i made up my mimd that nothing is important for me other than my family lateron I agreed.

Yug gets upset listening to this.
YUG- but this is superstition ?
KALI- If fate has written this then i whole heartedly accept this. Btw just forget this. It’s getting late pls drop me back home.
YUG- no.
He goes closer to kaali. She closes her eyes. He makes her wear a necklace. Kaali opens her eyes and smiles. Yug drops her back home.

Rachna and kaali r in same park. Accidently they both collide.
KAALI- ouch I am sorry.
Rachna looks up to find kaali. And even kaali is surprised. Rachna tries to go from there but kaali holds her hand.
KAALI- aisha how much will u run?
RACHNA- I told u I am not aisha.
KAALI- u tell me that thousand times i don’t care cause i know u r aisha.
RACHNA- no i am not.
KAALI – aisha because of u maa keeps crying day and night asking one question : y doesn’t my daughter recognize me?
RACHNA- haven’t u heard that seven people in the world look alike. I might look like ur sister but i am not her. And what is ur name ? Ah nysha if u need any help i’ll be glad to do it but once again i am saying i am not ur sister.
KAALI-wait a min i never told u my name. And by the way that name is only remembered by my family cause my name is kaali.

Rachna is shocked. Tears roll down. Kaali gets sad seeing her cry.
KAALI- aisha wat happened? Y r u crying?
AISHA- Oh nysha!!!!
She hugs her.
AISHA- but don’ t tell this to anyone.
KAALI- but wat is keepin u away?
Aisha’s face is tensed.

PRECAP : Aisha tells everything to kaali. Kaali gets shocked. Yug is tensed.

Hope u like it.????
And the reasons r:
Late upload
No interesting theme????
No romance or comedy….???
And i get very less comments feelin sad????
Pls try to cmment.

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    NICE ONE! After reading ur ff I got some relief otherwise I am fade up of watching that stupid serial kaala teeka. Nowadays all nonsense in going on in kaala teeka.

  2. hii dear how r u all NIce no superb this is not i m waiting for ur ff from sooooooooooooooooooooo many days and u r uploading today

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