kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 32)


Greetings to u guys.
Episode – 32

Leela is lookin through pics of some boys for sharmila. Chulbul slips the pic of neelu in it. Leela likes him.
LEELA- chulbul who is this boy?
CHULBUL- oh this neelkant jha. Stepson of kalyani jha. He has no father only his chacha. Samjhe ki samjhay?
LEELA- I have selected him for sharmila.
CHULBUL- I’ll tell her.
LEELA[ in her mind ]- he looks too good and innocent for my evil plans.
Chulbul goes to sharmila and tells her everything.
CHULBUL- y did u ask me to slip in his photo. What if maaji hadn’t selected him.
SHARMILA- I would have died. I luv him and a life without him is toooo bad.
Leela overhears everything. Sharmila turns to find leela standing and both the maa – beti duo get shocked. Leela comes near sharmila and blesses her. Sharmila is dazed.
SHARMILA- dadi!!!!
LEELA- I accept this relation.
Sharmila hugs her. Leela smirks.

It’s midnight, kaali is sleeping. Yug comes there. He goes near her room window.
YUG- ssshhhh kali hey wake up.
Kaali is still sound asleep.
Yug throws a paper at her. She wakes up. Kaali rushes out.
KAALI- what r u doin here? What if somebody sees us then we will die. I told u I will not become ur’s. Go from here. Pls.
Yug takes cotton out of his ears.
YUG- ab tumhara chig chig hogaya toh chale [ now if ur speech is over let’s go ] Kaali punches him. He laughs. He takes kaali to some romantic place.
KAALI- wow u r great!! U r engaged to somebody u luv somebody else who r u?
YUG- I am an angel who luvs every girl he sees but marries the sseta of his life.
Kaali smiles.

PRECAP : The next epi would be a mahasangam.

Hey I have some doubts related to the current track of the show.
How can vishwa or gauri or yug cannot recognize their own child/ grandchild. Most importantly vishwa cause he is the one who took the baby and floated her in the water.

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  1. Yes I m also confused wht is the actual track…..coming back to ur ff amazing…. I too missed u dear??it’s ok if ur bzy ur studies r also imp na…..

  2. actually mujhe jitna pta hai gauri aur yug baby ko nhi dekha kyun ki vishwa purohit ka baaton mein ake kavi baby ko dikhaya nhi…koi bahana karke unlogo se dur rakhta…but i m lil confuse dat why vishwa didnt recognize …her

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