kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 31)


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Episode – 31
The next day kaali is in park thinking how could aisha/rachna forget manji maa. Yug gets to know kaali is there in the park and he goes there. He finds her and goes near her.
YUG- hi kali.
KAALI- oh hi yug. Wat r u doin here?
YUG- nothing just was passin by and saw u so came here. Kali can I tell u a story which is etched in my memory.
KAALI- Oh yes sure. I would luv to hear.
YUG- Ok let me start. Once there was a boy and a girl. They were both enacting the role of ram and seta. And soon trouble arises in seeta’s life and ram helps her. And in remembrance of their friendship ram gives a ring to the seeta. Soon they both grow up. Seeta looks as beautiful as ever. She ties the ring to a thread and wears it around her neck. Though she knew who was her childhood ramji she stays by his side as a friend. Later when ramji finds out his seeta he proposes to her in this manner.
Yug proposes kaali.
YUG- U r my childhood seeta. I loved and waited fr u for many years but u never turned up.
KAALI- wat r u talkin about?
YUG- don’t lie to me. I hate lies. U r my seeta.
KAALI- I accept I was the childhood seeta but u have now become someone else’s ramji.
She goes from there. Yug follows her. They come to an isolated place. Yug goes closer to kaali.
KAALI- yug wat r u doin?
YUG- tell me do u luv me or not?
KAALI- u r engaged to somebody else.
YUG- just tell me do u luv me or not?
Kaali tries to go. Yug brings her closer to him.
YUG[ in an aggressive tune ]- I am asking u a question DO U LUV ME OR NOT?
KAALI- YES I love u.
Yug gets happy listening to it.
KAALI- but remember yug I can never be urs cause u have already become someone else’s.
Kaali leaves.

Rachna/ Aisha thinks about kaali and manjiri.
RACHNA- maa, how could I maa how could I? I cannot be separated from u after seeing u. I was desperately searching for u now when u r in front of me I am not sble to do anything. I am helpless. I want to hear u call me sona, I want to sleep in ur lap. But maa I promise to u before my marriage with yug I would reconcile with u. Aur YEH VAADA RAHA.[ and this is a promise] She sleeps.

PRECAP : chulbul and sharmila are tensed to find leela.

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