kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 30)

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Scene – 1
Kaali and manjiri go somewhere. They are standing outside a big bungalow. They go in. An elderly woman comes.
WOMAN- excuse me who r u?
MANJIRI- I am manjiri jha. I came to meet rachna. Is she at home?
The woman calls rachna. Rachna comes down. Manjiri gets happy seeing her.
RACHNA- who r u?
MANJIRI- I am manjiri don’t u remember me?
RACHNA- of course not I don’t know who u r and then how can I recognize u. Katabāra āmi tōmākē balēchilāma aparicitadēra jan’ya darajā khulatē nā [ how many times I told u not to open the door for strangers]
Rachna leaves. Manjiri gets heartbroken. Kaali take sher from there.
MANJIRI- I know she is my aisha. Why isn’t she accepting it?

A fb is shown:
On the day of engagement rachna’s wallet falls down from her purse. Manjiri picks it and when she is about to return rachna has already left. She even searches fr yug but he was also not present. She takes it to home. By mistakenly the wallet falls from her hand and it gets open. A photo is in there. When manjiri sees it she gets shocked. In the photo manjiri kaali and another girl is there.
MAANJIRI- my daughter aisha . The fb ends.
Aisha is manjiri’s first daughter. Due to some incidents aisha goes missing and was never to be heard of.

Scene – 2
Yug constantly thinks only about kaali.
YUG- hey duffer yug y r u thinking about her?
Just then his friends comes.
FRIEND 1- hey yug u got some pics of rachna i want to see.
YUG- it’s in my phone take and see.
While sliding away the pics kaali’s pic comes in between.
FRIEND 2- hey who is this beauty?
Yug gets confused. He takes his phone and sees kaali’s pic.
YUG- she is just my friend.

PRECAP : yug proposes to kaali.

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