kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 3)


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Episode – 3

Scene – 1

Nysha,Gauri are travelling by car,while Neelu is driving the car.Their car brakes down.
NYSHA-kya bhaiya once again car brake down.This is the fifth time this month.Why don’t u sell this?
NEELU-ok i don’t know i will think about it later.But for now I will go and call a mechanic.
NYSHA- ok just repair this car and reach the college I and gauri will walk down to the college.
GAURI-kyaaaaaa? no i can’t walk in this heat.My face will get tanned and i can’t let my face look tanned.It will take lot of days to remove the tan blah blah blah.
NYSHA-tum yahin rehna i am going.bye.
Nysha starts walking and after a lot of time Gauri runs behind her.
NYSHA-ok chal jaldi.


Yug is seen driving car rashly.He mumbles 20,000 rupees suit.He gets a call when he attends to it he hits a girl.
YUG – OMG! Aap tikh toh hai? I’m sorry.
NYSHA- Arey do u drive with eyes closed?
YUG – i told u that I’m sorry.
NYSHA- I don’t need ur sorries.Yeah before going I’m telling u to check ur weyes with good doctors.
YUG(in an angry voice)-Hey I was talking to u polietly and u also do the same.
NYSHA-Hey mr.angrybird stop getting angry.
YUG-My name is YUG.Do u understand Y-U-G.
NYSHA-But I’ll call u mr.angrybird.The name suits u.

PRECAP:Vishwa gets a call and is shocked.Kalyani consoling Vishwa.

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Credit to: saasha

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