kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 29)

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Kaali and yug catch cold. Gauri along with kaali have a fun time makin invitations……
Scene – 1
It’s neelu’s birthday. Neelu invites all his friends including sharmila. Neelu takes sharmila to a room. He kneels down and shows a ring.
NEELU- sharmila will u marry me?
Sharmila gets stunned.
Neelu makes sharmila wear the ring, sharmila is elated. Kaali sees this and is shocked. Sharmila turns to find kaali standing there. Sharmila is shocked.
SHARMILA- nysha!!!!!!
Neelu turns. He starts to stammer.
NEELU- ah kaali…..I…… she….
KAALI- now no need to say anything. I know everything.
She starts to leave. Neelu runs behind her.
NEELU- kaali kaali wait na pls.
Kaali turns.
NEELU- don’t tell anything to chacha ji. Pls.
He begs to kaali.
KAALI- ok I won’t tell. But u guys have to tell urself about this.
Neelu promises he will say soon.

Scene – 2
Kaali meets yug. He gets surprised.
KAALI- hey yug I need u to do a favour for me.
YUG- after all u asked. Tell me what to do?
KAALI- can u give me the address of rachna?
YUG- sure but y do u need it?
KAALI- I have some work with her.
YUG- ok I’ll message it to ur phone. Tell me ur no.?
KAALI- I don;t have one. U just tell me the address i’ll not it down.
YUG- WHAT!!!!! U don’t have a mobile. Ok note the address.
Yug tells her the address.


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