kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 28)


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Episode – 28
Kaali wakes up in the morning. She starts to sneeze. At the same time yug also sneeze.
CHULBUL- why did u have to get wet in the rain. See now u caught cold. Maaji will scold me now. Samjhey ki samjhay?
Yug smiles.
CHULBUL- I am talking to u and ur smiling. Bye I have to go I have loads of work to be done.
Yug gets thinking.
YUG[in his mind]- I need to thank kali fr helping. I’ll take her to some hotel.
Leela enters and sees yug dreaming. Suddenly yug sneezes to find leela standing there.
LEEL- Chulbuli told me u have caught cold so I brought this ayurvedic medicine dissolve it in water and drink it.
YUG- tike daadi.
There in kaali’s house kaali runs and behind her manjiri is running with medicine in her hand. Manjiiri catches kaali and makes her drink the medicine. Kaali makes a weird face. Manjiri smiles.
KAALI- who makes this kind of bitter medicines?

Kaali is making invitations. Gauri comes there.
GAURI- hey wat r making?
KAALI- invitations fr neelu bhaiya’s birthday.
GAURI- oh yes I totally forgot about them. Shall I help u ?
KAALI- yeah sure.
They both have a fun time playing and making the invitations.

PRECAP : kaali is shocked…..

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