kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 27)

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Episode – 27
Kaali is in her room thinkin about yug and their moments. She blushes. Sajna plays. She takes a book and write something:
Today’s entry(27-6-2016) is about someone close to my heart. I feel happy to knw that after manji maa,papa and gauri I care for him. I don’t know whether I luv him or not. I luv the way he calls me ziddi queen. I luv the he talks to me. I think I have fallen in luv with my childhood ramji, my ramji, my yug.
She closes the book and keeps it under her pillow and sleeps.

The next morning kaali goes to temple. On the way back home it starts to rain. Kaali sees children playing in the rain she too joins them. Yug is on the same road suddenly his car breaks down. He gets down.
YUG- aghh I hate rain.
He sees kaali playin with kids.
YUG- hey kali!! kali !!
Kaali turns.
YUG- come here u’ll catch cold.
Kaali makes a funny face. Yug runs to catch. Kaali runs. Kaali slips and falls. Yug laughs seeing this. Yug extends his hand and kali gives her hand.
YUG- it was damn funny to see ur face when u fell.
Kaali makes a sad face.
YUG- i am sorry.
KAALI- now it’s funny to see ur sad face.
Kaali laughs.
KAALI- hey come let’s eat icecream.
YUG- no way i’ll catch cold.
KAALI- ok bye. I am goin.
YUG- hey wait i will also come.
They both eat icecreams.

PRECAP : kaali and yug sneeze at same time.

hope u liked it…

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  1. Hii this is one of my favourite serial but it’s current is very boring but yr story is very nice superb & my real name is sumaiya but my nickname is Suman ??????????????

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Sasha ur ff is amazing I am addicted to it so happy got to read it after so many days read epi 25-27 together KaYu scenes just fab because I hate the show n Yug so much currently will visit this page only for ur ff keep writing and sorry if I don’t comment regularly dear

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