kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 26)


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Episode – 26
After reachin house kaali gets ready and goes somewhere. Later she reaches the venue. She goes in and registers her name. She sees ramji temple ang goes there.
KAALI- oh ramji!!! Please help me win this competition. I don’t know y I felt that yug’s problem is mine. Pls pls make me win this competition.
Yug is also in the same venue. Kaali goes in the competition starts.
HOST- ladies and gentlemen welcome to 10 gv singing competition. So u knw the competition prizes and the rules so without any further delay let’s start. 1ST round will be devotional round and our 1ST contestant is kaali.
Kaali sings the song jal rahi hai. Yug listens to the voice and rushes to listen it. He sees kaali singing and gets mesmerized. Kaali along with other contestants finishes the 1ST round.
HOST- the 2ND round will be a song of ur choice. And our first contestant is mariyah.
Kaali sees yug and runs to him.
KAALI- wat r u doin here?
YUG- I came fr sightseeing girls.
KAALI- huh very funny. Now tell me any song.
YUG- y don’t u sing o khuda.
KAALI- thank u mr.angrybird.
Kaali sings the song o khuda from the movie hero.
HOST- next round will bemelody round. First contestant priyanka come up on the stage.
Very soon kaali sings the song Bolna from kapoor and sons.
HOST- so the final round will be romantic round. Our first contestant will be juhi.
And kaali sings toota jo kabhi tara from the film flying jatt.

HOST- guys it is time to announce the most awaited moment. The consolation prizes go to mariyah,aliya and juhi. The third prize goes to shruthi. The second goes to nivedhitha. And the first goes to the singing queen of this competition kaali.
Yug jumps up and down in happiness. He kisses kaali on the cheeks. Kaali collects her prize and gives the cash award to yug.
YUG- thank u soo much kali. I will try to return it as quickly as possible.
Yug drops kaali home.
MANJIRI- kali sona will u do me a favour?
KAALI- yes maa.
MANJIRI- will u pls get me the house address of rachna from yug.
KAALI- sure after all yug is ur to be son in law.

PRECAP : no precap

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