kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 25)


Hey guys. Extremely sorry fr not uploadin. I will surely have recap if it takes a long time. Sorry once again. Btw I am soo happy myy ff has reached till episode 25. So let’s start….


This story revolves around the lives of two families Jha’s and Chaudhary’s. The Jha’s lead a peaceful life. The head of the family Vishwaveer Jha has two daughters Nysha and Gauri. He loves his both daughters equally. But a sudden turn of events make nysha the KAALA TEEKA of gauri and she is named kaali. Meanwhile Yug Chaudhary the grandson of Leela Chaudhary befriends kaali not knowin she is a kaala teeka. At the same time neelu and sharmila fall in love with each other. Leela plans to destroy the Jha’s. Gauri starts to hate kaali as she gets closer to kaali. Gauri starts to luv yug. The love and respect kaali got from the Jha’s starts to decrease except from her mother Manjiri. Very soon yug gets engaged to Rachna (erica fernandes). In the previous episode kaali finds yug tensed when she asks the reason he says they’ll discuss about it in a hotel. In the hotel they have a candle light dinner. After that……..

Episode 25
Scene 1
After completing dinner kaali asks yug to speak up.
KAALI- what r u goin to say?
YUG- I had actually invested money in some private bank on the recommandation of my friend. Today afternoon i recieved a call from my friend saying the private bank was fake and the man ran away with my money. I don’t know what to do. If my family gets to know about this they will kick me out of the house. Could u please help me?
KAALI- how could i help u?
YUG – by arrangin for some money. Please please.
KAALI – I will try my best. Please drop me home.
Yug drops kaali back home.

Kaali talks about it to manjiri.
MANJIRI- kali how will u arrange the money?
KAALI- u ask papa.
Manjiri goes and comes after 15 mins with money in her hand.
MANJIRI- kali here is ten thousand rupees.
Kaali hugs her.
MANJIRI- i am soo proud of u.
The next day kaali is walkin in bazaar thinking about yug’s problem. Suddenly a paper flies and falls on her face. When she sees it she gets happy and thanks ramji.

PRECAP : Yug says to kaali that he will return money as soon as possible.

Guys I am sorry fr not uploadin

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