kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 24)


hey everybody. Sorry for not uploading for these many days. I am busy these days. And btw it is ramzan it might be tough for me to upload. Sorry for the delay.
PINKISTAR: thank u soo much fr commenting. I would try my best to make the episodes longer.
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Episode – 24
Kaali is on her way to the market. She buys things. Whiile returning she sees yug standing tensed.
KAALI- hi yug.
YUG- hi kali !!
KAALI-what happened u look sad?
YUG- uh nothing.
KAALI- so i think that u want ur nickname to be as mr.liar from mr.angrybird.
YUG- actually…….
When he is about to say he gets a call. After talking he turns to kaal.
YUG-kali i want to tell u somethng. I have work now so i am leaving, but i’ll pick u at 7 pm and let’s go to gv hotel. I’ll tell u evrything there. K bye.
Yug leaves. Kaali is tensed. She comes home and finds tears rolling down from manjiri’s cheek.
KAALI- manj maa what happened?
Manjir hugs kaali.
MANJIRI- sona aisha!!!!
Kaali gets shocked.
KAALI- manji maa did u tell aisha?

Kaali gets ready. Yug comes at 7 pm sharp. He picks up kaali and drives off. They reach the hotel. They go and sit, yug orders food. Suddenly lights go off. The manager tries to on the generator but in vain.
MANAGER- ladies and gentlemen sorry for the inconvinience but the generator is not working.
A waiter places candle on all the table. Another waiter opens the window for wind. A cool breeze blows. Kaali’s hair flies, yug is mesmerized to see her. SANAM RE tune plays. Kaal snaps out yug.
KAALI- hello where were u lost?
KAAL- u said u wanted to tell me something.
Food arrves.
YUG-first have dinner then i’ll say.
They have a candle light dinner. Yug ons camera on his phone to take a selfie but by mstake he clicks the photo of kaali. He doesn’s notce it because kaali calls him.

PRECAP : yug tells everything to kaali.

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally u uploaded it dear it’s very nice love ur ff a lot and yeah I understand is Ramadan na, love u dear keep writing 🙂

  2. i luved it…told u, u r better writer..
    n tht ulululul :’D xD was me

  3. Loved it but can u give a a big precap to the story as I forgot the whole story ….. plz plz plz plz

  4. Sry fr late comments nd I can understand how precious this month is u r ryt it’s ok if u delay also…. ? nd coming to the episode awesome as usual

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