kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 21)

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Episode – 21
Manjiri goes to temple. Yug is also on the same road talking to somebody on the phone. Some goons are running after a man. One of the goon throws an iron rod instead of hitting the man the aim misses and it is about to hit yug. Manjiri sees this and pulls yug. The rod hits a car window.
MANJIRI- r u okay?
YUG-yes. And thanks for saving me. Hey wait u r the same person who was washing the temple’s stairs. Am i right?
YUG-and thank u once again for saving me.
As yug was about to go he turns and calls out for manjiri.
YUG-excuse me.

YUG-y don’t u come to my engagement. I want to thank u. This is a small gratitude. Please don’t say no.
MANJIRI- i won’t be able to come as my daughter is admitted in hospital. I need to take care of her. BTW when is ur engagement?
YUG-after ten days.
MANJIRI-if my daughter becomes well i will come if not i won’t.
YUG-if ur daughter becomes well please bring her along.
Yug gives her the engagement card and goes.

After two days kaali gains consiousness. Manjiri is very happy. And soon she gets discharged. Manjiri remembers about yug’s engagement. On the day of engagement manjiri gets ready.
MANJIRI-kali beta get ready we have to go to somebody’s engagement.
KAALI-who manji maa?
MANJIRI- he helped me alot and i also had saved his life. So he invited us to his engagement.
KAALI-okay manji maa.

PRECAP : yug’s engagement preparations.

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