kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 20)


Hello guys. I am once again sorry for not uploading. Today’s epi would be mahamilap as said before. I feel it would be kinda boring today so please forgive me if u feel the same. Please do comment.

Episode – 20
Manjiri as promised to ramjo goes to clean the stairs of mandir. Vishwa goes to home as he is too tired. Neelu drives vishwa to house. Gauri sits outside kaali’s ward. Survi and karthik (from the serial yeh vaada raha) comes to the same hospital for survi’s checkup. Raju is also in the same hospital. He bribes a nurse.
NURSE-yes ofcourse.
The nurse goes into kaali’s ward. She cuts off the oxygen pipe. Kaali starts to struggle. Survi while passing from there sees gauri.
SURVI-umm gauri!!
GAURI-uh! Survi di!!!
SURVI-hi how r u?
GAURI-i am fine di. What r u doin here?
SURVI-i came here for my checkup.
KARTHIK-who is she survi?
SURVI-actually she is my cousin sister. We live far from each other. And we don’t communicate with each other often. That’s y u don’t know about her. Btw gauri meet my hubby karthik. Karthik barve. Where is nysha?
GAURI-y don’t u see in this ward?
Survi turns to find kaali struggling.
SURVI-nysha!!!! Doctor!!
Gauri turns qnd finds kaali struggling. Doctor rushes to the ward. He changes the oxygen pipe and gives kaali an injection. He later shouts at gauri for being so careless.
SURVI-what’s all this? How did this happen to nysha?
Gauri narrates everything to survi.
SURVI-u should thank her for saving ur life. I have to go now. Bye.
They hug each other.

Manjiri is seen washing the temple’s stairs. She feels so tired. Yug passes from there.
YUG-excuse me what r u doing in this scorching heat?
MANJIRI-i had promised to ramji i’ll clean his temple’s stairs.
YUG-r i mad? I am sorry but how will u do this?
MANJIRI-my ramji will help me.
YUG-i’ll help u.
And yug helps her to wash the stairs.

PRECAP : sorry no precap

Credit to: Saasha

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