kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 19)

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Episode – 19
Leela shows the pic of the girl whom she selected for yug.
YUG-who is this girl dadi?
LEELA-she is your to-be wife.
LEELA-yes i have selected her as your bride.
YUG-but dadi!
LEELA-no buts. Engagement will be in this month. And that’s my final decision.
YUG-ok. But u don’t get angry. Your face looks like full blown red balloon.
LEELA-u naughty boy !!
All laugh.
YUG-btw what’s her name?
LEELA-rachna. Rachna kapoor!!
YUG-has she completed her studies?
LEELA-no she is in final year of b.com
YUG-and does she…… (Leela interrupts)
LEELA- arey baap re! How many questions u ask? I am going to mandir.
Yug smiles.

At the hospital kaali’s pulse rate drops. Manjiri calls the doctor.
DOCTOR-nurse give her the injection.
The pulse rate drops very quickly. Manjiri prays to ramji.
MANJIRI-ramji!! My daughter was an ardent devotee of you then why are you punishing her? If my anything happens to my daughter i will never forgive u. I can’t afford to lose my other daughter as well. I will clean the stairs of ur mandir if u save my daughter’s life.
She prays. Doctors try evrything possible to save kaali. Afyer an hour everything becomes normal.

PRECAP : the next episode will be mahamilap

Credit to: Saasha


  1. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow Maha Milap an Sasha I will speak the truth today usually right honestly speaking I feel bored after reading few episodes in certain ff like mine is one of them but yours is opposite I m in love with ur ff it always becoming better day by day well and also quite heart touching

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